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The Quickest & Easiest Way To Host A Disco Party Without Breaking The Bank

Disco theme party


So you want to throw an extraordinary disco party but your budget is pretty tight?

Don’t worry, you don’t need a huge budget to honor the 70’s with true disco fever.

The truth is that even the most fabulous of disco parties can be held at very low cost…

you just need to know a few tricks...

This guide will provide you with just that; tips, tricks, and some inspiration to help you have a great time while hosting a truly awesome disco party for your relatives and friends.

Get Your Decorations On Sale

Time is essential when planning a small budget. Try to plan out your event several weeks before the party date.  

This way you will have enough time to shop for those perfect party decorations and hopefully catch them on sale.  

A visit to the thrift store to find some more great deals on decorations.

Choose A Free Venue

Where is the party going to be held? And, how many friends are attending it? These are the main questions that you’ll need to answer when deciding where to hold your party.

Is there room inside your house? How about outside in the yard? You don’t always need to find a separate venue for your party, simply by spending some time decorating your living space and moving a few tables you are able to turn your house into the ultimate disco venue.  

If your house is just too much of a squeeze, ask around your close friends or family to see if you can borrow theirs for the event. It may seem like a bit of an ask, but you’ll be surprised how many people will happily accommodate you (assuming you offer to do the setup and cleanup)!

Get Digital With Your Invitations

Yes, it is supposed to be a retro-themed disco party but this doesn’t mean you can’t use modern technology to make the invitations.

Get creative and design your invitations to be sent via email with one of the many free templates.

To stick with the theme, including some smiley yellow faces, peace signs, disco dancers and disco ball pictures.

Another great way to invite your guests is by creating a private event on Facebook, where in addition to announcing the party, you can also ask for RSVP and interact with those that will attend.

You can also use the event page to ask about any song requests for the evening and remind people to bring their costumes.

Digital Invitation                      Source:


Play Hits From Then And Now

A disco party is, of course, a dance party, so having a strong music playlist is a must.

Load your phone with the music and actual dancing hits of the era Don’t forget the classics from Donna Summer, Village People, Kool and the Gang, the Sunshine Band, and KC.

These days anyone can be a DJ with the many DJ apps for smartphones. You can mix some hits in advance and you won't need to be next to the player all night long or worry about changing the songs.

Finger Food

No dancing lover would enjoy stopping their funky disco moves to sit quietly around a table for a hot meal.  

Have a short break for an appetizer, or some finger food which will allow everyone to get back to the dance floor in no time.   

What about some popular food from the decade? Fondue was the claimed dish, serve it with pieces of bread or meat; deviled eggs and nachos were also very popular at the time. Otherwise, try simple food like pizza, flatbread, hummus, olives, and charcuterie. Plan about three bites per person for each dish.

Fondue         Source:


Say No To Cocktails

Booze can flow freely at the party but make it fun and inexpensive. Instead of buying supplies to stock a full bar, select one drink for the night. One good option would be to offer the characteristic punch bowl drinks of the 70’s, innumerable recipes can be found online to delight your guests.

An option that never fails and makes you save, is serving only beer and wine. Plan on one or two drinks per person per hour and be sure to provide non-alcoholic drinks like soda, water, and juice.  This will keep the designated `z rivers happy because they too will get thirsty after dancing to all the funky disco music and tasting the delicious finger food.

Disco Ball/Lights

No respectable disco party would go without a disco ball. It doesn’t matter if it is hanging from the roof or placed on the side of the dancefloor.

You can get one for a very affordable price in stores or even online, making your life easier.

Look for the classic style or add a modern touch by getting a party light like the Led disco ball with color lights that are triggered by the beats of your favorite music.

Lava lamps and plasma globes help you in getting the disco party effect typical of the clubs in the 70’s.  

Glow sticks, bracelets, and necklaces are also modern items but fit extraordinary well with the theme of a disco party.

Led Disco Ball

Source: NuLights


Make, Create and Decorate

Good music, food, and drinks make the 90 percent of almost every party, but for a disco party, the decoration plays an important part.

Decorate the disco-themed place without going over the budget.

You can get napkins, silverware, table covers, balloons, and other party supplies cheaply in bargain shops or in the clearance section of grocery stores.

Instead of stressing over the prices of the decorations at the retail shops why not show everyone your artistic side with some DIY decoration.

Look for online for DIY decorations to cover all the room for the best-themed environment.

Some of the most used elements when it comes to DIY are old Vinyl, CDs, glitter, colored plastic cups and anything sparkling.

Try to make posters, streamers, and if you can, create a DIY photo booth If you’re feeling lazy, just look for props that have a printable option.

Disco Decoration

Source: Casa E Fiesta


Disco Outfits

Getting too wild when looking for a costume is dangerous to your budget. The truth is you can dress up with clothes and accessories from the 70’s without spending too much.

Grab a pair of large round or star-shaped eyeglasses, some bright colored accessories and a wig combined with a jumpsuit, a band t-shirt, a mini skirt or dress to create a look like Carrie Fisher or John Travolta with affordable pieces.

Always encourage your guests to dress up for the disco party theme or provide some accessories to create a funky atmosphere for your fantastic and unforgettable disco party.