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The Ultimate Holiday Guide for Kids' Entertainment!

Christmas party ideas for kids

Think about your Christmas Party or the New Years Eve Party you’re hosting...

...everything looks great, the lights are as bright as you asked for and your party food and drinks look amazing…

At the kid's table, they have all kinds of candies, cake pops, and a chocolate fountain…

But the question is...

How are you going to entertain them all night?

With these amazing lighting tips...

Kids Entertainment Ideas with Lights!

Did you know that lights and colors are one of the best things to keep children entertained?

That is a lot of the reason why they love watching TV.

But how can you entertain them with lights without making the entire party look like a kids’ birthday party?

Party Lights Guns

light guns for kidslight guns for kids

These are a really cool thing to play with, imagine all of the kids having the greatest time with the lights and they won’t look bad with the lights of the DJ, it’ll be quite the opposite. These come in a package of 10! So it’s perfect!

Neon Glowing Wire!

LED wire for clothesglowing tape for kids

In this case, you can use either wire or tape, and it would be a really cool idea to attach it to the kids' tables and chairs, so even though they’ll be sitting away of their parents, they’ll feel special because they’ll be the only glowing table. 

Led Hula Hoops

LED hula hoopLED hula hoop

Yaas! Even more exciting for girls! They LOVE to play and dance around with the hula hoops! So, make them special and light them up with LEDs!

Foam Sticks with LEDs

LED Foam sticksLED Foam sticks

This could be a great addition to your party, they look great, they’re fun to play with and they don’t even hit hard (in case one of the kids goes wild). They are a great fit for this kind of party and to give the little ones something fun to do.

Flashing Bracelets

flashing bracelets for kidsflashing bracelets for kids

Imagine that you put a flashing bracelet under every little kid chair and you tell them to wear it, cool, isn’t it? I bet you that they’ll love it! Plus, you can set some of them randomly matching!

In case you have a big space for the kids’ tables, you can decorate their space kinda different so it matches with these colors.

Follow these easy but effective tricks and kids won’t be a problem and they’ll enjoy the party as much as adults.