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Rave outfit ideas for guys!

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Let’s talk about rave outfit ideas for guys!

I know, you’ve probably read a hundred articles about girl’s outfits because they are pretty awesome, sexy and they have a lot of options to dress up!

BUT here is a big tip for you: there are plenty of styles for guys too!

We know sometimes you can’t match or wear as many accessories or clothes as girls, but, depending on how daring you are, you can go from modest to really wild.

First of all, let’s talk about the top. ‘Cuz you know, the top is the first thing people see and remember of our outfit.


They’re part of the “safe” zone, ‘cuz they match pretty much everything and they look great!

You can choose one with a message as simple as a “Eat - Sleep - Rave - Repeat” kind of shirt, or you can choose a really colorful shirt with a crazy picture on it, like a cat eating pizza, a magic/psychedelic with mushrooms, or a trippy Einstein.

rave shirts

Also, keep in mind that you’ll probably be jumping, running and goofing around the whole day.

So try to avoid they all white shirts, ‘cuz they are probably going to be all brown to the end of the day. And try to use a one with a comfortable fabric too!


Tank Tops!

We can see them as a variation of the T-Shirts, but to show off your arms and back muscles, and to stay cooler.

They are also very comfortable and if you think about it, they are probably the best option if you’re going to be jumping among a bunch of sweaty people.

But I am not talking about plain boring tanks, I am talking about really cool ones with the cosmos/space/universe kind of printing, or perhaps another crazy rave cat.

rave tanks

I recommend you do not use a plain tank, remember you’re probably going to sweat and the stain on the tanks do not look sexy at all, the chicks will run away from you for sure.

So, be smart and use one that looks already pretty stained or one with a lot of colors so the sweat stains get confused along the tank.



Ok, if you have really worked out and you want to show off your whole body, guns, arms, abs, back, and you’re sure you’ll be most of the time in the sun, this might be a really good option for you! If this is what you want to do, please remember to use a sunscreen and to have it in your bag!

Otherwise, you’ll end up being all burn-up and looking like a huge lobster.



When raves take place in cold months, choose a hoodie over a shirt! But don’t pick the plain black hoodie you wear every day to go to school, choose a fun rave hoodie!

There are many many options to choose from! How about a galaxy hoodie or a walking Dj one? So even when the sun goes down, you’ll be warm!

rave hoodie

Now, let’s talk about bottoms! Because even though the easiest way to go is a pair of jeans, you can be way comfier and rave-stylish if you wear one of these:



With pants I don’t mean jeans, as I explained before; yeah, I know jeans are ok, but don’t you want to look more than just “okay”? So, here is another option.

Rave sweatpants with prints! Not just plain black, gray or white (definitely not white, because of stains and transparency) how about Tie DYE pants or a galaxy pair of pants instead?

They are a great option if it is an event during a cold weather season and as you see, you can express yourself while wearing them.

rave pants


Shorts are a better option if it is summertime because of obvious reasons. But again, how about if you choose a pair of the galaxy, a crazy cosmos-rave cat, or a Tie DYE pair of shorts instead of a boring plain colored pair?

rave shorts

Pick a cool pair of shoes!

Let’s think about the bottom, bottom… shoes are really important when it comes to complete any outfit, even more, if we talk about our rave outfit.

There are a few things very important to highlight before you make your choice:

Try not to wear flip-flops. Flip Flops in events like raves can even be a dangerous choice. They can break, your feet are not protected and if anybody steps on your foot by accident, it is going to hurt like hell!

And this is pretty obvious after reading about flip flops but, DO NOT GO BAREFOOT! You don’t know if you can find a piece of glass or something nasty on the ground and it can be really dangerous for you. It would probably ruin your day!

Now that we are clear about the dangerous part, let’s choose some shoes:

LED Shoes!

LED Shoes are a great choice. You can both be comfy and you can also light up your moves! If you like to shuffle, they are definitely your choice!

led shoes

LED Boots!

Now, if you like something more stylish, you can choose boots! LED boots will also light up your steps and make you look great, so it depends on what do you prefer (I think of them as fancy ones, and shoes just the regular).

rave shoes


If you prefer to wear a pair of Converse or any other type of shoes but still you want to have some LED lights, you can go for a LED laces for your snickers! Yes! You can wear and mix them as you wish!

glowing laces

Do you have your outfit completed? NO! There are some other things that you can wear to make your outfit pop-up even more!

Remember you can match your outfit with a lot of accessories, you can wear them however you want and it can make you look raver!

Caps, sunglasses, goggles, glowing tape to add to your outfit, LED gloves, bags, LED foam sticks, Husky hoods, flashing or glowing bracelets, light up wire masks, light up bandanas, regular bandanas, and anything else you can complete your outfit with!

Make sure that everything matches so you won’t be looking like a glowing mess. Remember to be yourself and to enjoy the process! Rave on!