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LED Disco Ball by NuLights

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Party lights for all your indoor & outdoor party needs

- Tired of having the "same old" house parties?
- Looking for fun ways to brighten up your children's birthday party?
- Did your last camping trip lack excitement?
- Are your children wanting a lighting experience from the cosmos?

Become the envy of all your friends with "LED Disco Ball" by NuLights

- Premium quality LED party lights at an affordable price
- Lighting triggered by your favorite music
- Automated patterns with 5 colors (Red, Green, White, Yellow, Blue)
- Includes DMX input for professional control

Our customers have used the "LED Disco Ball" by NuLights as party lights for house parties, frat parties, children's birthday parties, KTV and weddings. Other popular applications include use as a cosmos star projector lamp, for romantic lighting, for campsite entertainment and for band performances


Easy to use and with complete control

- Choose between automatic or manual operation
- Sensitive sound activation with internal mic
- Digital display for complete control
- DMX input for professional applications
- Easy to use with detailed (online) instruction manual
- Uses long lasting and energy efficient LED lighting technology

Here's what you get...

The "LED Disco Ball" with digital display, US 110V plug, our comprehensive online instruction manual, and unlimited customer support

A Brand You Can Trust

- 100% Risk free - with 1 year warranty

Join 1000's of Happy Customers 

Watch the video below of one of our happy customers unboxing her LED Disco Ball

And a video of her using the product...


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