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Laser Party Light Instructions

laser party light instructions by nulights

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Whatever the occasion may be, we hope you enjoy the Laser Party Light as much as we do. In most cases, maximum enjoyment can be achieved simply by plugging it in and playing some of your favorite tunes. However, it has some additional capabilities that we think will improve your experience overall.

3 Main Modes:

1. Music (or Sound Activation) Mode: Select this mode to have the color patterns flash and change to the beat of the music. The built-in microphone is located at the back of the device, so make sure to consider this when setting up the light so that it is in a position where it can detect the music. Remember, the device is designed for party applications so the music needs to be quite loud or close to the device for the sound activation to be optimal. 

2. Auto Mode: Select this mode to have the color patterns cycle through automatically. 

3. Flashing (Strobe) Mode: Select this mode to have the color patterns flash with a regular frequency which gives a strobe effect. 

Color Settings:

R: Red

Y: Mix of red and green which gives a yellow/orange effect. 

G: Green

C: Mix of blue and green which gives a cyan (or turquoise) effect. 

B: Blue

P: Mix of red and blue which results in shades of purple. 

RGB: Red, Green, Blue

Pattern Speed:

Speed 1: Slow speed (like a gentle pond)

Speed 2: Medium speed (like a flowing stream)

Speed 3: Fast speed (like a fast river)

Controls on the device...

Controls on remote...