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LED Strobe Light Product Instructions

LED Strobe Light Product Instructions

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Whatever the occasion may be, we hope you enjoy the LED Strobe Light as much as we do.

In most cases, maximum enjoyment can be achieved simply by plugging it in and playing some of your favorite tunes. However, it has some additional capabilities that we think will improve your experience overall.

Read our guide below to learn about how to control the light.

Enjoy the party!

Using The On / Off Switch

LED strobe light InstructionsWhen you open up your box and plug in the LED Strobe Light, the first thing you’re going to want to know is how to turn it on.

When the switch is turned towards “max” the strobe is turned off and to turn it on you will want to rotate the dial all the way towards “min”.The left dial (in orange) is the on and off switch for the device.

Controlling The Flash Speed

Adjusting the speed of the LED Strobe is relatively simple.

Once the light is switch on you’ll want to turn the dial on the right (in blue) to adjust the flash speed.

If you turn the dial toward “max” the time between flashes will be at a maximum. If you turn the dial to the right towards “min” the time between each flash will be at a minimum. 

Using The Sound Activation

Sound activation will be automatically turned on once flash speed is set to a relatively slow setting.

So to activate this mode turn the right dial (in blue) towards “max”.  Then once you have the strobe flashing at a low speed, turn on your favorite music and watch the strobe flash to the beat.

TIP – The closer the speaker is to the LED Strobe Light the more effective the sound activation will be.