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See How Easily You Can Throw The Best Theme Party For Kids

kids party themes

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Your child's birthday is just around the corner and you’re looking forward to throwing an amazing party since it only happens once a year.

But, are you tired of the same birthday party style? Maybe your kid also wants an amazing celebration to share with friends.

So, what comes to mind? Nothing yet? Need some inspiration?

Don’t panic; instead, take a look at these theme party ideas to celebrate this important date and get ready for an unforgettable time with friends and family.

  • 1. Emoji Party

  • We all love using emojis when texting and commenting on pictures or videos.

    But they are so much fun, that using them just in our social media is kind of limiting; that’s why throwing a party with these popular designs is an idea that won’t let you down and the kids would love.

    - Become An Emoji:

    Kids enjoy turning into the favorite characters; this DIY project is a good way to have a great time and works perfectly for a photo booth.

    For the popular funny faces, cut yellow cardboard circles of about 8 inches in diameter; for the eyes and mouth cut colored papers and attach the pieces to the circle with glue; finally glue large sticks at the back of the emoji so kids can hold your creations with their hands while playing and taking hilarious pictures.

    The most common emoji face designs are the smiley, kissing, winking, and crying face; the emojis with sunglasses and tongue out are also one of the favorites.  

    - Emojis In The Air:

    Decorate the place with floating emoji faces; simply by adding pieces like eyes, mouth, and sunglasses made of colored papers to yellow helium balloons which will later be scattered through the venue.

    - Emoji Eating:

    A party without cake isn’t a party. Cover a round cake with yellow fondant to create the main face emoji design; make the details of the face with other colored fondants with cookie cutters; finally, with a bit of jelly, place the pieces on the cake and exhibit it on a beautiful table.

    You can always offer cupcakes with different emoji faces characters following the same principle of the cake decoration. Kids will love to eat their favorite design. For cake pops decoration use melted yellow chocolate and the different gel food coloring for the faces details.

    Emoji Cake

    2. Neon Celebration

    This is by far one of the coolest party themes on earth.

    Why? Because we all know that everything gets better with some glow.

    Get ready to see your child’s face shine while celebrating a fantastic birthday party with these ideas.

    - Shining In The Dark:

    You don’t need to turn off the lights at your kid’s party to have the fabulous effect of neon colors in the dark; instead, decorate an area where the kids can eat a snack and a piece of cake.

    Dress a table with a black tablecloth and place fluorescent disposable plates, silverware, and cups with some neon glowing sticks scattered around the eating utensils.

    Want to make it fancier? Try the latest mind-blowing party flashing cups suitable for kids since they are made of plastic.

    Thinking about a centerpiece? Kids would enjoy seeing lava lamps in the middle of their amazing table.

    Neon Kids Party

    Source: Three Little Birds Events

    - Twinkling Pieces Of Art:

    Entertain your guests with some easy and fun DIY activity.

    Look for a large and thick strip of white or black fabric, provide liquid glow paint of different colors and let the kids become Picasso on a piece of the fabric; by the end, the result would be a huge fabric with kids’ vignettes of artworks that your child can save as a memory of the birthday celebration.

    Another idea is to provide each kid with individual fabrics. What-ever you choose remember to cover the walls and floor.

    - Sparkling People:

    How to increase their natural brightness? Nothing funnier and simple than neon bracelets, necklaces, glasses, and even hair with the temporary hair chalk.

    Enjoy taking pictures of your glowing guests, you can hang a black fabric and use it as a background to get photo shoot as a professional; children will have so much fun acting as models.

    - Glowing Bites:

    What about the cake? Keep the concept and decorate the cake with neon colors.

    Cover your cake with black fondant; then, with neon icing colors just draw disordered lines and points; you can cross them over or write the name of your kid.

    If you are baking the cake, try to make the rainbow cake, simply by dividing and painting the cake mix before placing it the mold. The same process works awesome in cupcakes.

    Neon Cupcakes        Source:


    3. Lego Party

    Oh yes, legos…. Because every guest is an important piece of the birthday party!

    First, be sure to have enough legos so the kids can play; but hey, remember that small pieces are dangerous for babies and toddlers.

    Lego Party        Source:

    - Hunting The Legos: 

    Do you know about the Easter egg hunt?  What about the hidden treasure? Aren’t they fun games? Make the kids' adrenaline flow as they collect as many legos hidden around the garden as they can.

    - Clean Lego Hand:

    Kids are difficult to motivate when it comes to washing their hands, but this trick is all you need to keep them clean.

    Simply add some legos pieces to the hand sanitizer and soap bottles; remember to take off all the labels first and use transparent products. Everyone will love it!

    Hunting Legos

    - Sweet Blocks: 

    Is brownie your favorite dessert? Mine too.

    Make some lego brownies, how? Just bake your favorite brownie recipe as usual; then cut it into rectangles and cover the top with red, blue, yellow, or your favorite lego color frosting, place two parallel lines of chocolate candies of the same color, and there you got; a delicious lego block.

    Sure, you can bake a big brownie with a rectangle shape, decorate it as a lego block and sing the happy birthday song with candles on it.

    Lego Cake