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Here Is A Method That Is Helping Couples To Have The Wedding Of Their Dreams

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Source: WeddingWire


We all dream of a magical wedding, but looking for an awesome decoration can be as stressful as choosing the right dress, or a delicious menu.

A beautiful trend that is becoming very popular nowadays and that adds a glamorous, stunning and romantic touch to the big day is having brightening decor.  

So get a little relax and take a look at the following lighting decoration ideas for outdoor ceremonies and receptions… and yes, some of them fit perfectly indoors.

And don’t even think about going over the budget. You can get or rent different lighting options at low price, plus some ideas are easily DIY.

  1. Flawless Entrance.

The moment of truth has arrived.

The flower girl, bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, friends and most importantly the bride and groom are ready, so a fabulous entrance is essential.

What about lighting the path? Line the way with candles inside floor lanterns or mason jars.

Select between natural or artificial candles, which are more easily fired and guarantee flame during the walk and ceremony. The candle color is decided according to the decorative theme, but white candles bring an air of romance.

Beautiful floor lanterns, in numerous models, are available in stores and online. Mixing sizes but respecting the design has lately become popular as well as have mason jars, which provide a delicate and significant touch to the celebration.

  1. I Do Under A Sparkling Scene.

The most important moment of the ceremony needs special attention.

Exchanging vows under a decorated arch or tree in an outdoor ceremony sounds wonderful, but lighting them up sounds better.

Decorated arches with soft pastel flowers and light fabrics combine extraordinarily with a colorful beach landscape.

Add tiny lights for a subtle glint. You can interweave them along the arch or place a luminous arrangement at the top of it.

Trees are the favorite backdrop when it comes to country and rustic weddings. Honor nature with brightness and gently cover the trunks and branches with solar string lights for a charming environment.

Hanging little lights from the tallest branches bring to the ceremony and reception.

I Do

Source: HuffPost 

  1. Radiance At The Top.

A starry sky is part of the best fairy tales. Make it shine on yours too.

It is the wedding breakfast time and people enjoy seeing what they are eating. A fantastic and simple idea to make the place bright is by crossing twinkle lights above the tables from tree to tree. This results in an intimate and cozy ambiance.

Since it’s better to be safe than sorry and especially on wedding days, couples often opt for party tents to hide from the sun or rain.

Decorate the ceiling with hanging chandeliers or bulbs at varied heights. You can also set string lights from the edges to the apex of the marquee, an idea that makes the first dance appear more graceful.

Add hearts or paper balloons to create a different style but keeping the concept.

Roof with Lights

  1. Lights Camera Action.

You are the star of the event. Treat yourself to a glam stage as a backdrop for videos and photos of your dream wedding.

Since nature offers the most beautiful and harmonious photo studio, not many ornaments are needed for the perfect shot, but an outdoor area delimited by lights curtains is an amazing option for newlyweds pictures.

Aren’t you a professional model? You’ll look like one in your wedding photos with some extra brighten tricks; hold Bengal lights in your hands as a symbol of romance and fun in this new chapter together, or wrap softly yourself and your partner’s body with an eternal love bond made of twinkle lights.


Source: TailoredFitPhotography 

  1. Flashing Centerpieces.

A table without a centerpiece is incomplete and everything must be perfect in order for the big day.

For better or worse, there are too many centerpieces options that making a choice is a true challenge for couples.

Simple candles with flower arrangements are the classic and favorite centerpieces for outdoor weddings. Keep them small, so guests can sit and talk comfortably among themselves.

Mason jars with small floating candles are one of the newest trends. Place them nude or increase the romanticism with a vintage decoration, just wrap the jar with a burlap strip and stick a little pearl or white flower.


  1. Message Of Love.

Love is all you need and outdoor weddings are perfect to demonstrate this.

Big letters and words are quickly becoming the favorites for party decoration.

Love is undoubtedly the most common word when it comes to weddings. The couple initials or names, joined by a heart are often used.

However, this recent trend has developed further by adding rows of light bulbs either thick or thin to the attractive letters, words, and figures.

Be part of this latest trend and include this light source to the nuptial celebration of your fairytale celebration.


  1. Fancy Little Details.

Little details big results. It is surprising the huge influence that a detail can make in all aspects of our life.

No detail missed in your outdoor wedding is allowed. Find out the latest sparkling ornaments and accessories for the ultimate twinkling reception.

It is celebration time and everybody is dancing. Offer glow sticks, bracelets, and necklaces to your guests and make the dance floor livelier.

Stylish drinking for everyone. Charm friends and family with the latest Led glowing cups; where beverages become alive with the multiple flashing patterns.

Select the typical cup model or cocktail cup for signature drinks.

Keep calm and enjoy a memorable outdoor wedding with the above suggestions for a ceremony and reception that will be memorable for everyone.