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Little Known Ways To Light Up Your Place With String Lights

string lights ideas

We all have that favorite corner; our magnificent space to relax, work, have fun, work out, and more.

But, how long has it remained the same? No changes at all? Is it kind of boring? It’s time to improve your place with some sparkling tricks which also provide a peaceful quirkier touch.

Let the creativity flow and get inspired by the following mind-blowing DIY ideas while proving to yourself that string lights aren’t just for holidays or special occasions.

All you’ll need are some easy to use tools, materials and of course the string lights of your preference for each draft.

  1. Spark Your Words.

Let no one gets confused, it’s your place and your shining initial confirms it.

Brighten letters marquees are the latest decorative trend. Initials and words like love and peace are the most seen these days.

Want to try it? Get yourself a power drill, scissors, tape, cardboard of your favorite color, and for sure, string lights; ready? Let’s do it.

Draw on the cardboard the desired shape and size, then carefully cut it out. Add side walls for a 3D effect and better presentation.

Using a drill bit that fits with the size of the little light bulbs, make holes along the letter, measure the distances between every perforation for a uniform row.

Once the holes are ready, it is time to set the lights, insert each bulb of the string light so they hold in place. Help yourself with tape when needed.

Put the letter in a lovely spot, switch it on and charm the area with your awesome creation.

Now that you figured out how simple it is, get bolder and build words, joined letters, and figures like hearts or stars.

  1. Brighten Beautiful Memories.

Memories are timeless treasures. Photographs are the best way to capture and remember those precious instants.

Portraits are cool, but displaying pictures in a breeze of lights is totally cooler, fabulous, affordable, and pretty easy to achieve. Be ready to revive stunning and unforgettable moments of the past every time you look on your favorite wall.

Select and print the most significant pictures of your life so far, heartwarming days, or of relatives and friends. A white border will enhance the images for this project.

With the help of tracks, command hooks or strips, weave the lights from side to side across the wall space.

Hang your pictures using little clothespins and then turn on the power for a spectacular display.

There you are, standing in front of the wall, looking at the photo display, feeling happy about the memories and proud of your creation.

Yes, it’s a powerful therapy for mind and soul that you can have at any time.

Source: Blessings

  1. Dream Room

Work, gym, unending chores…. everything in 24 hours.

We all deserve a good rest after a long day and nothing better than a cozy and comfortable bedroom.

Upgrade your bed with some height and illumination following these steps.

Find some wood pallets, yes wood pallets and by the end of this DIY project, you’ll see how a rustic and ordinary object can bring luxury to the bedroom.

Get enough wood pallets to set at the bottom of the bed; kept their natural tone or paint them with the color that best fits with your walls and furniture.

Place the wood pallets one by one following the shape and size of the bed. At the same time, interweave the string lights among the planks of pallets.

Put the bed or mattress on the top of the pallets and you’re ready to lie down.

Your bedroom has officially become the most acclaimed room of the house, with a harmonious atmosphere that guarantees sweet dreams and a bed worthy of royalty.

Bed with lights
Source: Creative Spotting

  1. Starry Sky All Day Long.

Look up and make a wish.

There’s nothing more romantic, peaceful, beautiful, and comfortable than a starry sky.

Have it with you all the time by dressing the roof with numerous strings of mini white lights.

To do it, carefully climb a ladder tall enough to reach the roof of the place. Attach the string lights along the ceiling with the help of adhesive strips or hooks.

You can achieve different effects by using go straight or wavy lines. Once the entire space is covered your masterpiece is ready to switch on.

Little princess at home looking for a fairy tale room? Combine the lights with soft white or pale pink fabric to create a canopy style where every dream comes true.

Drape the fabric falls naturally next to the bed or walls for a castle scenario.

Now you, your family, and friends can contemplate and enjoy the stars even when the night is rainy and the weather is cold.



  1. Wake Up Shining

Begin each day with the right food.

Since every day is a new beginning full of opportunities, we should wake up with excellent vibes and a feeling of coziness.

Improve the early hours of the day with a lighting headboard in your room, which induces sweet dreams and a pleasant rest.

For this simple but wonderful DIY decoration, as well as string lights, you’ll need to get white curtains, some adhesive hooks, and a curtain rod of the wanted size of the headboard. Allow about 7 inches larger than the bed.

Use an electric drill to hang up your curtain rod; then add the hooks about 2 inches below the rod, making a straight line across the bed.

Now, trip the string lights down and then hold them on top of the hook until covering all the line with the string.

Go ahead and finish the last step of this project by adding the curtains to the curtain rod, make sure to not leave any hole or space uncovered by the curtains in your headboard.

You’ll love the way this lighting headboard turns out and how it adds to the beauty and fun of your room.