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Being a DJ is totally awesome; but despite what lots of people think, it takes a lot of work.

However, this profession for someone or a hobby for others is becoming so popular that the competition is getting bigger each day.

Party people are always thirsty for something unique and fun to talk about the next morning.

So, are you looking to improve your performance as a DJ?

What about an insane lighting setup? It’s a fabulous idea if we keep in mind that none of us feel comfortable dancing in a bright white area or in a completely dark room.

Imagine flashing colored lights all over the place triggering the beat of your music while the best dance moves take over the dance floor … Sounds like you nailed it.

Push your performance above the average with these lighting options and get ready to smash your next show.

Thanks to the technology, the days of the heavy and inflexible simple lamps on a stand, known as “cans” are over; nowadays you can carry the extraordinary effect of the lighting setup everywhere you go in an easier way.

Scroll down and take a look at the lights that work well together and that every DJ should use to create diverse moods.

Wash Lights

Brighten up the boring walls of the area with different bright colors and reach the desired atmosphere for the event.

These types of lights are the perfect choice to create the LED effects that everyone like in parties, clubs, bars, and any dancing site.

This model is also known as a flood light. It comes in many sizes and can be either static or be moving. Both versions are super easy to place or hang in the most favorable spot of the venue.

The color mixing system is simple to use and allows variously presets for a deluxe performance; each light has at least four different LEDs colors as well as several levels of brightness.  

LED colored wash lights are basically used as a color wash for backdrops and are considered the base of every DJ’s lighting setup; so remember it when buying for the first time.

Led Par Can


LED Par Cans

Get into the LED movement and provide a sparkling rainbow to the show.

These are the modern version of the old-school cans and also a type of wash lights to which LED technology has been applied.

Are you an eco-friendly DJ? Thanks to the technological advances, the LED system creates almost zero heat, which not only helps the environment but also your pocket when decreasing the costs of electricity.

The awesome point is that they have a life expectancy of about 100,000 hours on a road and you can easily change colors or select an automated program that boasts the energy of the party people.

Want to cheer up a pool party? Look for the waterproof version and bring about an amazing outcome combining the colored lights with the water waves.

LED par cans are recommended when the shows are held in large venues, like club dance floors or sheds.


MoonFlower Ligths                     Source:


Moonflower Lamps

Are you worried about giving a good first impression as a DJ? Forget about it.

The colorful effects of the moonflower lights guarantee a huge positive impact when performing in a new place.

The cool thing about this model is that its design is made to project multiple patterns of colored light rays.  

The main optical source is in charge to expand the glow through the dance floor and everywhere around the venue.

The innumerable types of different patterns and colors provide an impulse of briskness to the dancers and create an exclusive mood at any kind of celebration.  

These lights are also designed under the LED technology, have low power consumption and cover large areas.


Source: NuLights


LED Strobe Lights

Are you looking to bring the fun to your next DJ performance?

What about creating a slow-motion effect on the live dance movements? It’s as cool as it sounds.

Stroboscopic lamps or simply strobes are flashing white lights that appear to freeze or reverse cyclical motion.

With the speed controls, you can choose between a manual or automatic operation and select a sparkling flash by your favorite music or a continuous mode.

This type of lighting is used to illuminate areas of a medium size; so it is able to partially shine on a dance floor.

LED strobe lamps are recommended as a complementary element of DJs lighting setups.

But nevertheless, this model develops an outstanding impact that thrills everybody to dance and make up original moves.  

Want to know something curious about the LED strobes? They act as a pest repellent…. Fabulous right?

Surprisingly the strobe effect keeps away bats, spiders, and rodents like rats, mice, and squirrels.

LaserSource: NuLights


Laser Lights

Would you like to keep everyone dancing from dusk till dawn?

Laser lights are the way to go.

Bring a completely different and new level of lighting outcome by blasting colored laser beams along the area.

These lights are so awesome that you can create a mind-blowing atmosphere on the dance floor with their many options like the liquid sky, texts, graphics, animations, and more.

They are commonly used in groups and a good tip is to place them at various angles to develop a variety of colors effect on the walls and ceiling.

Ok, so all these mentioned lights are seriously amazing; but, how the heck are you going to handle them?

Nowadays, controlling the lighting is totally simple and comfortable task for DJs due to the glorious DMX controller.

Most of the lightings have a DMX mode connected to a DMX controller, which sends wireless signals to the lights to activate certain cues or pre-programmed patterns, change colors, and move the lamps as the DJ desires.

The DMX software manages every lighting system connected to it; but how many can it handle?

It is designed to control up to 512 devices, that’s the reason why the controller is also known as DMX512.