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How To Host A Glow In A Dark Party Without Losing Your Mind!

glow in the dark party ideas

Source: DecoracionParaTodo


Who doesn’t enjoy things that glow in the dark? We all do!

Imagine a dark place, neon color stuffs brightening everywhere, your best friends, and a fun atmosphere with the best vibes…

Sounds like a Glow in the Dark Party, right?

What a great theme to celebrate your birthday, graduation, sweet 16, teens party, an important date, or simply to have an awesome time with friends, don’t you think?

OK, so it seems that you’re in the mood to throw a fabulous and unforgettable party … but you have no clue about where to start and how to do it.

Calm down, help yourself with the ideas below and get ready to bask even when planning your upcoming celebration.

An enjoyable announcement

Be cool and start out as best hosts do…With greatly themed invites!

You can get them with glow in the dark theme at party shops and just fill the spaces to complete the information.

But, why not to share out handmade invitations? Your guests will appreciate them even more.

Get creative and set the tone for a hilarious design!

All you need is a black lightweight cardboard, glow pens and markers, as well as scratch and glow paper to glue some figures and add relief.

Consider making them with neon colors on a black backdrop; add lines, dots, stars, anything you want… let your imagination flow!

Be sure to include the date, time, direction, and to tell your guests to wear neon or white clothing to match the celebration.

Glow Invitation

Source: MandicraftBlogpost


Unbeatable decoration

The decoration is the key when throwing a glow in the dark party.

Impress your friends with a fantastic conditioned space with an extra dose of excitement thanks to the glow ornaments.

Ok, how are you supposed to do it? First, choose the venue.

It could be a basement, shed, penthouse, living room; just make sure you have plenty of room without obstacles considering that there is not going to be good lighting when partying.

Once you get it, make it dark!

Cover the light inputs like windows, domes, and skylights with black trash bags, a dark fabric or black plastic tablecloths.

You can also curtain off the whole walls and bookshelves to create the dark backdrop wanted for the perfect decoration.

Set up a personal touch with your creations.

Get neon cardboards, markets, LED lights, and paints because the moment of becoming an artist is here!

Decorate the covered walls with cool cardboard shapes which can also be hanging from the ceiling; you can use the invitation design as a guide to the room’s decoration.

Using highlighter markers, write fun sayings and mottos like “Go with the Glow” and “You Make Me Glow.”

Are you daring enough to draw magnificent artworks all around with neon paints? That would be totally worthy!

Try splashing out different colors along the covers or something more level like interlacing lines as spider webs. An extraordinary trick to create creepers or a spider web effect is by knitting neon thread; ideal for roofs and corners.

Balloons? Sure, put a glow stick inside each before inflating them. Use helium to let them free, otherwise, make a couple of bouquets.  

If possible, replace normal bulbs for ultraviolet lights bulbs or tubes, also known as black lights, and make everything even brighter.

Contour the floor with a chain of LED lights and make it look super classy.



Bites to shine

There’s a moment in every party where our bodies call for energy.

Be prepared and delight your friends with delicious finger food served in a themed table with neon plates, napkins, and some glow sticks randomly around that you can get at grocery stores for a low price.

Besides the always fabulous pizza, cheese, nuts, hummus, and crackers, try something with the colors of the party.

Decorate brownie squares with thin lines or dots of neon-colored icing, as well as covering cupcakes with a frosting of colors, you can also add colorant to the mix before baking them to create a rainbow effect.

A wonderful salty option is the neon deviled egg.

Cook the eggs as usual; once the whites and yolks are separated, immerse the whites in water with artificial color for about 15 minutes, let them dry and fill them with the yolk mix.


Source: CincyShopper 


Blacklight beverages

Offer a stunning hydration station for an unforgettable party.  

Hang some chains built with glow bracelets to delimit the zone, have some neon plastic glasses or flashing cups for a fancy gathering.

You can also put neon bracelets inside transparent cups and bowls to make the drinks shine.

A bucket of ice, that has some glow sticks making it twinkle, place some blacklight jello shots and keep your friends happy with this insane idea.

The only difference for the blacklight jello shots preparation is that you’ll dissolve the jelly in boiling tonic water instead of common drinking water; the rest of the recipe remains the same, adding the liquor of your preference.

As a recommendation, include a bit of sweetness, it could be grenadine syrup to decrease the bitterness of the tonic water and place them close to ultraviolet lights;

Remember to enjoy them responsibly!



Glowing good time

There’s no party without music!

Turn it on and make everyone dance to the beat of the best hits!

An extra activity? Sure, have a “Neon Tattoo Spot” where your guests can decorate their body with neon paintings and glow during the celebration.

A neon paint war? Awesome! Just make sure to provide eye protection; glowing glasses are a good option and remember to tell your friends to wear white old clothing.

Make a hula hoop competition with LED rave hoops have a glow in the dark disc for playing frisbee, use bracelets and sticks for tic tac toe, ring toss with neon hoops, a war with LED guns, and more games to please all ages.

Undoubtedly a celebration that will keep all your friends talking for days and begging you to repeat it at least one more time.

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