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How To Throw A Birthday Party When You’re Not A Child.

adult birthday party

Your birthday is almost here!

Just a couple of days left until your birthday and you’re thinking about throwing a party.

A cake, some food, beverages, your close friends, family… Sounds like a common gathering without any special reason.

But the truth is that you only become a year older once every 365 days, so it should be recognized and celebrated as an important date.

20, 25, 30, 40… did you forget how old are you turning this year?

That’s ok because you’re never too old; quite the opposite, it’s time to celebrate that you’re already a grown-old person with young spirit!

Anyway, age is just a number and what really matters is to be healthy and happy to keep enjoying life.

You only live once!

So, you better have an awesome birthday bash or help plan and prepare a surprise celebration for a friend; look at the following ideas, that provides a fun and unique touch to ordinary gatherings.

Stylish drinks

Let’s grab a drink!

For an uncertain reason, we all love to hold a glass with a beverage in our hand and take some sips during the party.

Colored plastic cups are normally used; but what about offering sophisticated beverages to your guests and make them feel the part of royalty?

Something bright, modern, and specially designed for gatherings?

LED glowing cups are the answer!

Choose from a wide variety of automatic flashing models and sizes, including the wine, beer, and martini cups, which are the favorites of party people.

Be ready, because drinking a martini has never been such fun.

And talking about fun…

It’s time to bring the jelly shots to the scene!

A great idea to do it is by filling syringes with the jelly mix before refrigeration; so you’ll be literally giving some shots.

Another way to do it? Sure, try vodka jelly shots in oranges.

Very simple, just prepare your favorite vodka jelly shot recipe and place it in halves of orange shells, after refrigeration, cut each half into four or six slices and there you got!

Use lemon halves for mojitos, margarita, and gin and tonic jelly shots.

Try filling some strawberries with champagne jelly, get creative and prepare the most delicious and striking options.

Ok, as booze is included; it is an obvious idea to be enjoyed for those 21 and over!

Nevertheless, you should always have some alcohol free cool options for designated drivers.

Jello Shots


Who is the winner?

When was the last time you went to a party and played together with the guests?

Third grade? No way!… Who said that games are just for kids?

Stand up and join the fun!

For sure, we all grow up and get a bit mature throughout the years, but so do our favorite childhood games.

Remember the old school Battleship game? Of course; no one forgets the “you sunk my battleship” yells when we were bombed.

Recreate that time with an evolved version.

The board and paper are left behind; look for a rectangle table and cover it with long paper bond sheets; place a cardboard of around 20 inches in the middle, so the enemy can’t see the position of your “ships” which would actually be shots.

Once a shot is knocked down, it’s time to drink it.

Definitely, a game to play responsibly.

Can’t wait until it is your turn? Bring up a game that guests can play at the same time or in groups.

Who Dunnit Clue looks like a good idea, right?

Put your friends to work on discovering the evil mystery; have a script, props, and the weapon used during the murder for an intriguing time of joy.

And as we’re never too old… Bring the piñata on!

Why not? Piñatas have the power of giving us an extra great time.

If you selected a theme for the party, opt for a design that matches with it, but if not, a common model would be enough to add some flair to your event.


             Source: ChocolateSuze


More than balloons

Nothing says party time like balloons, confetti, and a nice cake!

Let’s improve decoration with some little but significant details.

Feeling interested in what was happening when you were born? Your guests too!

A birthday information board is an extraordinary option, not only for decoration but also as an outstanding present.

Is it a calendar? Actually no!

The purpose of the board is to provide the news and trends when you were born; wonderful isn’t it?

For a DIY birthday information board you’ll only need a black cardboard as a backdrop, your favorite color markets (gold and silver are excellent for this project) and for sure your imagination.

Include the popular movies and TV shows, hits of the moment, some prices (gas, milk, movie ticket), the president, top news, and everything curious you can find.


           Source: Etsy


Keep the concept and put some funny sayings as decor; need some inspiration? What about I’m not getting older, I’m getting better, or I’m not 30, I’m twenty-ten.

Ok, we have talked a lot so far and the body is asking for food!

Nowadays bars are a thing!

Join the trend and serve a food bar.

Your guests would not only have fun but also feel free to decide what and how much to eat.

At the top of the list when it comes to food bars are tacos, burgers, hot dogs, and nachos.

Use a large table to make it comfortable and make sure to label every ingredient bowl or plate; do it with regular tags, signs, or writing on a disposable paper tablecloth, that will give a personal touch to the eating station.

And remember, there’s always room for dessert!

S’mores, waffles, chocolate fondue, caramel apple, ice cream sundae are popular options when it comes to bars.

It seems that the number of calories per day has been exceeded…

Turn the music on and dance all night

If you and your friends enjoy dancing, have a playlist ready and motivate them showing some dance moves!

Plenty of room? Enhance the place with a LED disco ball and some string lights to create a stunning dance floor.

Burger Bar