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Imagine Throwing A Kids Disco Party... & Loving Every Minute Of It!

kids disco party


Nothing makes us happier than seeing our kids smile.

That’s the reason why we’re always seeking the best for them.  

Now your child’s birthday is right at the corner...

Wasn’t it yesterday that they were tiny cute little toddlers asking for their bottle?

Time goes so fast!

Now, our little babies became brilliant kids looking for enhancing themselves every day.

Let’s reward them with a fabulous birthday party!

But, any ideas? You already throw a couple of themed parties including cartoons, animals, Disney characters and more that thankfully worked out absolutely great.

This year won’t be the exception! Your child deserves a birthday party at least as good as before or even a better one.

Time to party!

Good news, a disco party would never disappoint your child and friends!

How to do it? Don’t freak out; there’re many easy and DIY projects to reach a wonderful kids disco party   

Look at the decorative and entertainment ideas below and let’s get down to work.

Invitations that Rock!

Invitations are fundamental; otherwise, no guests would attend the party.

Tell your child friends with all the disco style; remember that invitations are the first sight of the party.

For invitations of champions, consider using CDs and writing the information on it with a permanent marker, kids would love it!

Don’t you want to use real CDs?

Look for a black cardboard and cut a circle of about 4.7 inches of diameter and a smaller circle in the middle of about 0.7 inches to recreate the size of a common CD; you can always make it bigger or smaller.

Neon markets work pretty well on a black backdrop; try different colors, draw some stars, polka dots, and musical notes to make them more enjoyable.

Don’t forget to ask for dressing up when throwing a costume party!

Disco Invitation

                   Source: Etsy 

Decoration is key

Party at home, backyard, park, wherever it’s going to be held… the decoration is a must!

Why?  Easily, there couldn’t be a themed party without ornamentation.

Ok, but what about a kid’s disco party?

Lots of brightening colors, glitter, as well as anything to do with music and dance, are essential elements when decorating the venue.

A big entrance? Yes, please!

What about a banner of CDs hanging from the door’s top?

With a fine drill bit make a small hole up and down de CDs; then, join one by one together through the holes with pieces of nylon thread or silver clips until reaching a long enough to cover the height of the door.

Make as many CDs strips as necessary for filling the entrance and impress the kids from the beginning.

Are you throwing an outdoor party? Hang the CD banner from tree to tree, as recreating a musical ceiling.

CDs                      Source: Flickr

Want to have disco Kids all around?

A dress-up station with party glasses, colored headbands, glitter tattoos, and hairspray for messy hairstyles would we perfect and kids would enjoy it to the fullest!  

Memorable pictures?

Cover a wall with a plastic and glue colored balloons close to each other, as creating a balloon wall for a backdrop; place some self-made cardboard vinyl records, and hang streamers.

Kids would enjoy taking dancing pictures! Want to make it better? Give your child a confetti gun and get ready to captive funny shots!

Disco party equals dancing party!

Turn the LED Disco Ball on, have a bubble machine when possible, and transform the photography area into a dancing floor; provide each kid some neon sticks to improve their dance moves.

Balloon wall

             Source: TheSweetLuluBlog

Stay happy with games

Playing is a serious business.

Entertain the kids with some disco games and activities.

A disco dress up Pass the Parcel game is undoubtedly an awesome idea!

If you didn’t ask for costumes and either feel great about having a dress-up station but anyways want to see the kids in a disco outfit try this game.

So, we already know how to play Pass the Parcel; this time, the parcel won’t only have a single gift in the middle; instead, add as many layers as kids and place a headband, party glass, or any other disco accessory.

Each time the music stops, the kid with the parcel will have a nice surprise and everyone will be satisfied.

Pass The Parcel

Dancing move corners game!

For this amusement game, you’ll need to stick up numbers from 1 to 6 at the corners and anywhere around the venue.

Turn the music on, when muting it, each kid runs to the wanted numbered area; roll a dice and the kids standing at the area of the landed number should make their best dancing move and win a little prize as a reward.

Remember to have a little present for each child.

Are the kids up to a Hula Hoop or limbo competition?

What about more than just on hula hoop? Fantastic! Include LED Hoops for a funnier experience.

Limbo? Ask the kids to animate an animal when crossing the pole; that’ll bring tons of fun!

Be sure to play the best disco hits from now and then while having a blast with the games.

Limbo        Source: Hiveminer


Sparkly snacks and drinks

After all that energy burnt during the game time, it’s time to recover the body!

Disco cupcakes are kids favorite!

Decorate the top with a frosty layer and add a rain of multicolored sparkles; you can always use silver sparkles to create a disco ball effect.

Eating microphones? Decorate a cake pop with silver little sparkles and place it on an ice cream cone. Kids will devour them.  


Source: SweetWhimsyShop 

Pretty Popcorn!?

Place the popcorn in individual vessels; shower them with melted white chocolate and next? Yes, colored confetti scattered all over the top.

When it comes to birthday cake the options are wide.

A microphone, a disco ball at the top, multiple layer cake with dancing people all around, or simply a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting totally cover with sparkles.


Punch bowls are popular at disco parties; let’s offer one!

Cranberry juice plus pieces of fruits; apples works perfectly to our kid's friendly beverage.

Provide plastic cocktail cups and umbrella straws.

Want to take it to another level? Try the LED glowing cups and make the children feel special.

There’s no doubt that your kid’s disco party would be a grand success!