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Are You Team Concerts Or Team Festivals?

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Having EDM in our life is amazing.

It cheers us up, makes our body releases dopamine, enhances any chore, makes us work out hard and play harder, it seems to be an addiction, isn’t it?

Of course, there’s no doubt that when the bass drop, so do the problems and we feel happily alive.

Ok, but if you’ve gone to a rave or concert, you know that those extraordinary feelings and benefits increase so much that appears to be unreal.

Well, obviously you can’t compare listening to your favorite artists from Spotify or any music app by attending a show where the PLUR culture contributes to giving you a great dose of joy.

However, when it comes to attending live performances the options are varied; you can see your favorite DJ at a concert, club, party or festival.

Nevertheless, concerts and raves are the most common opportunities; unfortunately, some of us must make a decision and choose either going to one or the other.

So, raves or concerts?

That’s ok, both events are different but freaking awesome.

Keep reading and find some differences between raves and tours that can help you in the hard work of selecting which one to assist.

And hey, if you have gone to many concerts and festival or you are planning to, let us know if you find another variance.   

The Artists

EDM is what bring us this far.

Seeing your favorite DJ live is what you’ve been waiting for and tours guarantee you a performance with a wild personal repertoire to enjoy for hours.

On the other hand, festivals include an interesting variety of genres and DJs from all over the globe, ideal for updating your playlists after the show.

But, the FOMO plays a scary role during these events.

There’re so many artists and stages that some performances get overlapped and there’s no physical way to be in two different places at the same time. Or are you a special kind of human being?  

Nonetheless, planning in advance with your crew is enough for not missing the DJ you like the most.

Time On Stage

Wonderful things also have an end...

Sadly performances aren’t an exception.

When going to concerts, you already have the idea about what your ears and going to hear during some time whit the chance of having an extended set if you’re lucky.

Festivals usually offer less time of DJing on stage, but surprises are innumerable and the improvisations tend to be mind-bowling.

Since festivals are massive events, much people feel that the possibility to get a closer connection to the artists is bigger during concerts; do you agree?

Well, truly a concert can be more intimate, especially when being held indoors or in small venues.

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Extra Activities

So you’re already there

But longtime left to begin the show…

During concerts, openings don’t start but close to your DJs performance… So you better grab a snack and chill with your friends until the big moment arrives.

Besides having a snack and talking with your crew, festivals have activities to entertain you; according to the event, you’ll top with art sections, amusement attractions, makeup stations and much more.  

All you have to do is walk around and let yourself be surprised by the many options.

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Getting There

Tours dates have been announced.

What do you do? The same we all do… Cross our fingers and hope to see the name of our city on the list.

That’s the good thing about concerts; they come to you or at least get closer, which means a smaller budget is necessary for transportation, lodging, eating, and other needs.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a massive festival in your city, then pack your stuff and get ready to travel.

But come on, traveling with your buddies to a terrific life-changing event plus maybe knowing new places doesn’t seem to be that bad.

New Friends

Music connects souls!

It doesn’t matter where you come from; we all speak the same language when it comes to music.

Meeting new people at concerts equals meeting music lovers with the same genre preferences that you have; even though there’s not much time to chill, you can always make good friends.

Meeting people from all around the world is common during EDM events; due to the PLUR atmosphere, everyone at raves has that friendly energy of sheltering any solo raver to its crew.

Remember, the way you show to others is the key!

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Details can turn something totally plain and boring into fantastic and unique.

Artists usually design their own stages set up, including fireworks, lights, and smoke effects, for an unimagined DJing experience for the fans.

Wondering if it’s different in festivals?

Well, DJs sometimes design some of the effects; but the venues and stages are transformed into a magic world with the most insane ornaments and concepts for days filled with surprises.

Moreover, the light shows are unmatched and one of the most remarkable things you’ll see.

The Experience

Dreams do come true!

And some of them when listening live to our favorite DJs.

Concerts are more than enough for living the dream… You, the DJ, and the music are all you need.

Festivals add an extra when talking about self-expression… As no one judge, dress as you want, wear fabulous makeup, rave accessories, and whatever comes to your mind.

Simply awake the artist inside you for a life-changing experience.

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The Day After

We all know those mixed feelings of happiness and sadness when an event ends.

The tiredness of the body is also an element that appears and affects during the recovering process; you know, feeling zero energy and just wanting to stay all day in bed.

The truth is that you don’t move around so much during concerts but dancing at the place for hours, demands good physical condition or just enough adrenaline and excitement of seeing your fav DJ.

3-days festival… what to say? Lots of moving, hanging around, discovering the charming venue, and of course hours of showing your dancing moves to the beat of the DJs.

Sounds like a marathon, but the physical effort is not noticed until the event ends plus it’s more than worth.

Have you noticed something else? Let us know!