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Choosing Which Event To Attend Without Losing Your Mind

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There’s a wide range of events nowadays and that’s freaking fabulous.

But let’s be honest…

Even though we strongly want to attend all of them, it’s certainly almost impossible, am I right?

Too many factors interpose our desire; work, school, time, budget, and distance are just a few of them.

So, when it comes to attending an event it’s important to make every penny worth and satisfy all our expectations.

Ok, that’s kind of obvious.

But, what should you consider when choosing which event to attend?

A music, cultural and art festival, or a massive rave, what about micro events or hangouts?

Which to pick and skip?

If you think some help would be good for making the decision, keep reading and later on find yourself enjoying your dream event.

The Line-Up

We all have our favorite DJs and bands.

The Line Up is probably one of the most important things to think about when choosing the event if it’s not the first one, right?

Too many fabulous artists as well as raves, festivals, and parties, but sadly we should leave some of them aside, or in the worst case attend a single one throughout the year.

As a music lover, make sure to feel excited about the superstars that are going to take the stages.

So, if you feel butterflies in the stomach once the line-up of a festival is announced, take for granted that it’s a good sign.

Remember that the same artist performs in several festivals and there are similar line-ups; so compare them and see which one have the most of your favorite DJs on the list.


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The atmosphere

Each festival has its own different vibes.

It means that there’s an event to please each kind of personality.

Thereby, think about the experience you’re looking for….

Is it a massive party, a DJ performance in an intimate venue, camping in the middle of nowhere, or dancing 3 days long with an amazing crowd of ravers?

Are you up to a rave party? A spot and crowd led by the PLUR motto, Kandi kids, mind-boggling rave outfits… opt for Insomniac events.

A camping festival is perfect for chilling out, disconnecting from the daily life, and to live a free-spirited experience; Electric Forest, Bonnaroo, and burning man are just a few of the terrific options.

Or are you a wild partier who also asks for after parties? Coachella, CRSSD, and for sure EDC Las Vegas, can exceed your expectations.

A little party never killed anybody, but something calmer, without dancing until the sun rises like small DJs tours and club shows can give you everything you’re seeking for in just one day or party night.

Culture and art play an important role in almost every event; including Summer Camp Music Festival, Miami Music Week, Okeechobee Music & Art Festival, and more.

Electric Forest



Everything in life has a price.

And even though every rule has an exception, music festivals are not part of it.

Or yes? Well, you’ll probably find a couple of small performances of local and regional good DJs and that’s wonderful.

But, the outstanding and worldwide known events you want to attend requests a ticket.

Ok so, Should you go to several events in a season or want to hit up just a massive one?

Whatever your case is, be sure of being able to afford the ticket’s price, transportation, and lodging costs, as well as everything that comes together, like snacks and beverages.

Are you adding up numbers? For many, partying at a festival can translate into several hundred or even thousands of dollars.

Anyways, no matter how much it’ll cost, if you can save to afford it, there’s no doubt that you’ll be happy and love each second of the worthy event.

Budget-savvy options? Camping festivals and road trips are always a better option for saving money.




After all that effort of making it to the festival, all you want is to enjoy it to the fullest.

But for many, not having plenty of sleep, a balanced meal, or a shower when being all covered in dust with a temperature that reaches the 90° Fahrenheit, can lead to a bad mood during the event.

Seriously, can someone get tired of a rave? Of course, we all are different, our physical conditions, energies, and vibes too.

Believe it or not, the combination of excitement, tiredness, dance moves, and the big crowd can decompensate attendees, principally if it’s the first festival experience.

So, think about your preferences and conditions, the trip, stay, food, and everything that can affect yourself.

Are you a camping person or rather a cozy bed in a hotel room? Do you need a warm bath and a mirror to take off all the creative rave makeup of your face? Have you a hippie soul and dream with overnighting among trees?

It all depends on each one likes; just make sure to choose an option that pleases your desires.

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Your Crew

Going solo to a festival is ok, especially if it’s a rave.

Why? Raves are famous for their PLUR atmosphere, where it’s ok to talk with strangers, become friends for life, and no judgments are welcome.

Nevertheless, partying with your crew can bring tons of fun and create unmatched memories; for sure, you’ll want to enjoy this life-changing experience with the ones of good vibes that love music as much as you do.

Something else?

Well, besides all that cool moments with friends, some other benefits come with going with your large squat.

Splitting expenses are one of the most remarkable advantages; the price tag of hotel rooms, tents, gas, snacks, drinks, and others get lower when you all pitching in together.

Whether you go solo or with your squat, what really matters is to show off your dance moves, feel excited, live the moment, and let the event be one of the best decisions of your life.

It won’t be easy to narrow down some events, but taking into consideration these things would help you make the right choice.