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Good Raver, Good Camper, What You Should Know.

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We all know that EDM festivals are one of the best parties you can ever go in your entire life.

So, your next rave is already booked, but there’s something outstanding this time.

Overnighting at the venue!

Camping at raves adds so much more adventure to the already unbeatable and life-changing experience of festivals.

Wondering why? Well, the party never stops!

But that’s something you should prove by your own and trust me, you’ll be glad.

Nevertheless, camping as a professional takes time and practice…. Yes, I’m recommending you to go to as many camping festivals as you can.

And not exactly to become a master in camps, but to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Anyways, no matter if you’re a first-time camper or a kind of a pro; consider the advice and tips below for a freaking fabulous time.

Just remember that some festivals have different rules for the things you’re allowed to bring; and, even though almost all of them agree, check out the prohibited stuff list and site rules before packing.

Practice in Advance

Camping before camping?

No, not precisely.

But knowing and practicing the way to set up your tent in advance is what savvy ravers do.

So, if you have a new tent or have never pitched one before, test it at your garage, garden, living room, or somewhere it fits.

That way, once at the camping place, you’ll avoid dealing with the poles, ropes, and confusing instructions; not only while pitching it but also when packing.

This method is great for noticing if any extra items are necessary or helpful like canopy weights to hold it down and safely to earth.

Looking for easiness? Opt for pop up tents that require less effort when setting them up.

Be on Time

Seeking a decent spot?

Arrive as soon as possible!

It’s not a secret that getting early to the camping site is the key to finding that hopping place.

Somewhere in the middle, near to the car park, not too far but not too close to the toilets, and where the shade provided by the trees protects you from the sun.

Having the time for meeting your neighbors is pretty cool and can actually lead to a friend for life; that also plays an important role in terms of safety.

Place a colorful flag or something unique to mark your tent; during the night all the carps look the same.



Easy to Prep Meals

With all that dancing and your favorite DJs performances, eating is overshadowed.

However, there are certain moments of the day when your belly starts to scream and asking for attention.

Don’t be surprised and have everything under control.

Keep it simple! No one would like to bring all that cookware from home.

P&B Jelly sandwiches, oranges, bananas, mini carrots, goldfish, and protein bars are super practical and satiable.

Have a cooler? Fill it with Cesar chicken salad, potato salad, avocados, watermelon, strawberries, tuna sandwiches, boiled eggs, and cheese.

Can you make fire and reheat? Sausages, hobo potatoes, canned beans, and any other pre-make meal would energize you to rush and enjoy the next presentation.



Drinking Sips

Walking, dancing, gloving, and hydration.  

Do yourself a favor a stay hydrated at raves.

Freezing water bottles are terrific and play a double function.

Besides giving you that awesome feeling of cooling down your body, they work as ice packs to maintain your food fresh and tasty.

Don’t limit it just to water; try freezing juices and drinks with electrolytes.

Are you the type of person who needs coffee to exits? A cold brew coffee portable maker is a fantastic idea; you can always bring ice coffee and take your daily dose of caffeine.



Sleeping, Camping Kit

Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat.

Well…festivals equals a noisy venue, so, hoping to sleep like a baby at rave camping sites sounds a bit difficult.

But don’t panic, it’s not impossible either.

Ear plugs, a sleeping mask, pillow, and a camping pad or mat are a must.  

Is a rainy or cold night expected?

Put a tap at the bottom before setting up your tent, to avoid having a muddy ground right under your space; with binder clips, hang tapestries all inside the carp to keep it warm and don’t forget your blanket.

But the way to lay down comfortably can be seriously dark; include a flashlight or headlamp to your lists.

Want fancy illumination and impress your friends? Mini LED crystal magic ball and solar outdoor string lights work perfectly.



Just What You Need

Camping is wonderful...

But carrying all the belongings from and to the car, or bus station isn’t that fun.

In addition to everything already mentioned plus the obvious stuff, like clothes, identification, and cash, consider including a first aid kit.

Bandages, antiseptic cream, distilled water, scissors, and eye bath are just a couple of significant elements when having a mishap.

We all get dirty really fast at raves, help to keep your body clean with hand sanitizer, baby wipes, Q-tips, and Kleenex; trust me, these little items can make a huge difference.

And hey, don’t forget about toilet paper and bug spray.

Remember that weather can get really bad while seeing the set of DJs; so a poncho, rain jacket, and plastic boots are powerful to prevent colds and a wet body at bedtime.

Fancy and luxury things? Not this time.

You won’t be that happy at the end of the festival if you lose any expensive belonging to the darkness and party atmosphere.

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Pick Up Everything

PLUR is our motto!

Respect the venue, nature, your surroundings, and pick up not only your things but also your trash.

Be a good raver and bring your own trash and recycling bags.

Make a checklist of everything you packed to the camping festival and look at it while gathering up all your stuff, so you don’t need to think that much about what is missing.

After picking your spot and one of the most extraordinary weekends of your life, you’re ready to go and prepare for the next rave camping event.