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Why I Go To EDM Festivals (And Why You Should Too)

Why I Go To EDM Festivals | Information On Rave Parties
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Have you been in an EDM festival?

Well in case you didn’t know, they are freaking awesome.  

Everyone who has attended one knows it and if you have been to one before you’re probably already looking for the next opportunity to (eat, sleep) rave & repeat.

But if you haven’t been before, have you at least considered it?

Music pumping, good vibes all around, and a sense of togetherness that you just won’t experience anywhere else.

It’s safe to say that EDM festivals are one hell of a good time. So if you have thought about it but still haven’t experienced an EDM festival first hand, you can stop wondering whether it will really be worth it and take a look at these 5 reasons why I go to raves, and why you should too.


Why I Go To EDM Festivals | Information On Rave Parties

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1. Awesome Lineups

Every decent music event should have incredible performances and EDM festivals are built around getting top artists on the lineup.

Imagine listening to your favorite electronic dance music artists play live, non-stop for 2 or 3 days with your friends.

Believe me, it’s even better than you can ever imagine.

Different genres of electronic music are played at most EDM festivals; including house, techno, trance, dubstep, dance, nu-rave, trap, and freestyle music to please everyone’s expectations and desires.

Skrillex, David Guetta, Zedd, Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Avicii, and Major Lazer are just some of the recognized artists who you can expect to put on an extraordinary performance. So you can enjoy your all favorite DJs in just one weekend. Sounds awesome right?

EDM festivals are also the best when it comes to discovering new electronic music stars.

Up and coming local and national artists make appearances in the opening acts and they are scattered throughout the day.

So get ready to bask the greatest worldwide EDM performances and live out some of the most spectacular experiences you’ll ever have with your friends.

Why I Go To EDM Festivals | Information On Rave Parties

        Source: The Scene Is Dead


2. Bringing Friends Together

Although EDM is not loved by everyone, of the thousands of people who do attend these festivals each one of them is friendly and unique.  

USA, Belgium, Mexico, where is the next stop? One of the cool things about going to an EDM event is that you may get to travel to another city or country.

Whether it is a road trip or flight, bringing your friends makes the journey that much better.

So plan in advance with your rave crew and make it a majestic adventure.

But even once you’re at the festival, you’ll be surprised by how friendly the other ravers are and how open they are to share a good time with you.

How friendly…?

You can expect some friendly conversation with strangers while resting, visiting the truck food, or at the complementary attractions like art galleries and amusement rides. These are just a few of the moments when you’ll find yourself making new national and international friends.

Make the experience of connecting with new ravers greater by staying at the camping zone.

Not about camping?

It is still something that you should try in your life, plus camping at EDM festivals isn’t only more fun but also cheaper. You’ll be surrounded by friendly people to socialize with and some venues offer Play Station, yoga, and zones for different activities.


Why I Go To EDM Festivals | Information On Rave Parties

          Source: Insomniac


3. Live In The Moment

Are you looking to forget about your problems and concerns that you are faced with in your daily life?

Escape the daily grind and experience a sense of freedom, magic, fantasy, and unique pleasure that you won’t get anywhere else.

Allow yourself to get completely lost in the music and forget about everything because the only thing that matters is the here and now.

Peace, Love, Unity and Respect, named simply as “PLUR”, are the elements that drive the atmosphere at EDM festivals; which mean that there is no place for stress and difficulties at least at that one moment.

Can you believe that this terrific event improves the well-being? It is scientifically proven that electronic music has the capabilities and power to enhance our health.

According to different scientific studies, electronic music activates certain regions of the brain that produces energy and inner peace, as well as reduces emotional and physical pain. It’s also good for your memory and keep us active.  

Forget about the prescription drugs and expensive therapy and just include electronic music and EDM festivals to your life.


Why I Go To EDM Festivals | Information On Rave Parties


4. Dress Up However You Want

Is there a better way to express yourself than wearing a funky outfit?

What about a movie character, feathers, pajamas or neon everything? Feel free to wear this stuff at EDM festivals without worrying about any judgment.

You’re in the right place to show off with your unique and unbelievable style. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bizarre colorful outfit, a simple bikini, or shark pajamas, just go as you are, people won’t think you’re crazy or a weirdo.

But if your fashion designs don’t make you feel comfortable, attend the event with shorts, sneakers, and a tank shirt with neon colors; just like a typical but cool raver.  

Quirky accessories and extravagant makeup are welcome! Add whatever accessory comes to your mind, a hula hoop, a flower crown, high colorful socks, hats, rave glows, neon bracelets, glowing sticks and more.

Makeup? Turn your face into a canvas and demonstrate your artistic gifts with a creative and colorful facial and body paint.


Why I Go To EDM Festivals | Information On Rave Parties

         Source: Transmission


5. Heavenly Stages

Every DJ needs an amazing stage to perform an unforgettable show.

EDM festivals are famous for mind-boggling decorations and amazing stage lighting setups.

The colorful themed stages and the lights shows are extraordinary and make the event that much more magical.  

Show off your best dance moves while the lights and lasers flash to the rhythm of the best DJs.  

Simply put, the production at EDM festivals makes for a truly magical atmosphere that captivates the party goers and will be sure to keep you coming back for more.

As if the lights weren’t enough to charm the crowd, huge firework displays often appear for the headliners to really amp up the excitement.

This is why I go to EDM festivals. Why do you…?

  (NOTE: Preparing for a rave can be tough, especially if it's your first one. Want to make sure you don't forget anything? Check out our complete rave party guide so you’ll have everything you need for your next rave.)