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You, A First-Time Raver…

You, A First-Time Raver... | What to Expect At Your First Rave


It is your first rave and you’re a bit worried about what’s coming.

What’s important is that you just made an awesome decision, one that you’ll never regret.

Congratulations for that! 

So you’re super pumped and naturally, as every first timer, way too curious and nervous about what the massive event will bring.

When experiencing something new, it is natural to feel some anxiety.

Even with the exciting prospect of a life-changing festival experience, some beginners get really overwhelmed due to all the excitement.  

The truth is that your first festival will be a life-changing experience, even if you have no clue about what are you getting yourself into.

At this point, you’re probably brimming with curiosity to know what really goes on at these majestic events.

So if you want to have an idea of what to expect at your first rave, here is a quick preview of what to expect.

A Friendly Movement

You, A First-Time Raver... | What to Expect At Your First Rave

Source: Insomniac

The Rave, home to a lovely family of strangers, where empathy gives birth to kindness.

One of the first impressions that new ravers have is complete amazement at the intense empathy between fellow party goers and the kind and friendly way they all treat each other.

But, is it possible for people to treat each other as though they are all family… even when they have never met before?

Yes! at a rave it is!

How? Well, ravers follow the PLUR mantra An acronym of Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, and a code of conduct!

Sharing is Caring! Don’t be surprised when someone randomly comes to you and trades a Kandi bracelet, offers a gloving show, gives you water, or simply be thrilled introducing him/herself to become new friends and have a good time singing and dancing at the event.

Go with an open mind, be yourself, follow your heart and break out your shell, because you are about to meet people from all over the world with amazing and different personalities, all connected by the same passion.

Forget about shyness and don’t hesitate or be afraid of talking with strangers. In other words, adapt to the friendly atmosphere and become part of the culture; who knows… maybe you find the love of your life at a rave.

Meeting fellow ravers always feel good and give you the opportunity to learn from the veterans.

Mind-Blowing Outfits

Something that you’ll for sure find at raves is people expressing themselves through their wonderful outfits.

Rave clothing has become a big deal during festivals and each time the designs with personal touches are more grandiose.

Wondering what rave clothing looks like? Ok, basically anything is allowed, but bright neon colors are dominant.

Ravers opt for comfortable shorts, tanks, and sneakers since there is always a lot of dancing hours.

Sounds normal-ish right? Wait till to see the shirts with the funny sayings and memes, graphic-printed tanks, glowing tutus, colorful fluffies, and out of mind combinations that somehow match.

But there’s more!

Your favorite hero, wild animals, a beautiful Disney princess, unicorns, pajamas, and more are also enjoying the event.

Majestic AF.

Costumes everywhere as well as glowing and light-up outfits enhanced with neon el wires, which are increasing their popularity and turning into ravers’ favorite.

Now we are talking, right? Nothing that you see on the day while grocery shopping.

Of course, there is always unique makeup and accessories,  that truly tie the outfit together!

Loads of glowing bracelets and necklaces, Kandi, refracting sunglasses, and makeup that perfectly completes the fashion concept.

Other stuff that might catch your eye is the many and stunning rave gear that are used to have fun and impress others between performances.

What are these? Rave gloves, hula hoops with neon lights, glowing poi balls, LED rave shoes, and more.

All in all, be ready to admire the ravers that use fashion as a way of self-expression.

Thinking about trying it even if it’s your first time? Don’t think it twice and just do it! It’s your time to shine!

Stunning Performances

You, A First-Time Raver... | What to Expect At Your First Rave

Source: EDC Japan

What brings us to an EDM festival? Obviously the music!

When your favorite artists are on the lineup, don’t miss this opportunity to rage at their stage.

International or local recognized or brand new artists, each one gives it all on stage and that passion makes raves all the more extraordinary.

Right at the moment when you first hear the sound of your favorite hit covering the whole crowd your body will feel a burst of adrenaline like never before.

As if watching and dancing to the beat of awesome DJs was not enough, the venues are often set up with outstanding themed stages and incredible light shows. Some festivals offer amusement attractions, different music genres, artwork exhibition areas, decoration with huge sculptures and more.

So don’t be sedentary and go walk around!

Forget about staying in just one place, there is too much to see; make sure to explore the venue, especially because it is your first rave; you’ll be glad of discovering new artists and different sights.

A Whole New World

You, A First-Time Raver... | What to Expect At Your First Rave

Source: Review Journal

All your friends got hooked from their experience at their first rave, didn’t they?

You won’t be the exception!

Raves are magical; they have the power to make you live in the moment without worrying about the daily grind and routine.

Dance your body to exhaustion, listen to your favorites DJs, dress as you always wanted, be yourself, and simply enjoy the here and now… no explanation is needed to understand why it captivates first timers and keeps everyone charmed.

Also, they are held in massive venues, where there is no place for judgments, prejudices or loneliness and that’s the reason why, for many, raves are considered a therapy during hard times.

...So, are you ready for it?

Go ahead and rave on!

Bask in the excitement your first event and become part of the PLUR culture.

(NOTE: Preparing for a rave can be tough, especially if it’s your first one. Want to make sure you don’t forget anything? Check out our complete rave party guide so you’ll have everything you need for your next rave.)

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