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Who Else Wants To Learn About The Gloving Movement?

learn gloving

Source: Your EDM 


What is it that makes festivals so special. 

In reality, it's not just one thing... 

... it's many, from themed stages to lights shows, to meeting fellow rave goers, and being surrounded by the PLUR atmosphere.

Oh and the music of course...  😜

But have you noticed that lights shows have evolved? Now it's not just ON the stage where you see an illuminated display. 

Ravers are becoming part of the show with the different “LED rave toys” available, like Hula Hoops, Poi balls, glow sticks, and the amazing rave gloves.

Yes, rave gloves - the core element of the gloving movement.

Have you ever experienced a gloving light show?

If not, you are definitely missing out.

But whether you are a long time glover or just a little bit interested in how it all got started, its never to late to appreciate or learn the art form of gloving.



The Gloving Sub-Culture

Undoubtedly one of the most popular trends in the rave culture, especially in the US. But what the gloving movement about?

Hands and fingers dancing to the beat of your favorite music, while using the color, pattern, and speed settings of the gloves. These are the components that the glove artists use to fascinate spectators of their light shows.

The artists can use these factors to create unique patterns and styles that will be sure to draw you into a deep trance. 


learn gloving

Source: Justin Hwang


In addition to the music, sometimes only a single glover is needed, or a couple or a group of them to create the wanted impact and to hypnotize the crowd and make them feel great.

Does watching a light show from a glover really make you feel great?

Well, studies have proven that lighting effects, such as the generated when gloving, can have a positive effect on our mind and body.

So, it’s not surprising that people that are feeling a bit down (or just lost) at a festival start to feel happier after watching a light show.

Happiness! That’s what a passionate glover can share with a pair light up gloves.

Interesting right? How can something as simple as performing a light show for others can actually be so powerful?



Mystical Tools of Art

"Your hands are the paintbrush, and your imagination is the canvas..." - Munch

So what are they made from?

Usually made out of white or black high-quality polyester to guarantee stretchiness and comfort.

Most LED gloves offer numerous light colors and different flashing patterns that you can use to create your own light patterns.  For most cases combining the pre-programmed lighting, modes is sufficient.

They usually come with batteries and are easy to use. Simply by clicking the micro LED lights located at the fingertips and sometimes along the gloves, in the area of the palms.

During their performances, glovers create different mind-blowing designs, forms, and pictures as they move their hands and fingers.

But hey, don’t underestimate the skill required for gloving.  

The fact that these gloves are easy to use, doesn’t mean that it is easy to throw down an impressive light show.

Hitting the lights, making them speed up or slow down, pulling away or coming closer, and setting the moves and flashes to the tempo of the music. It doesn't sound too easy now does it?

The gloving art form is now going mainstream. It's not just a subculture of the rave community anymore. It's growing in popularity every year, with more and more people getting involved in learning the basics.

And now gloving even has its own championship!    

LED Rave Gloves           Source: NuLights 


Gloving is the winner!  

Many people find that gloving is the best way to express themselves.

Gloving is…. a lifestyle, an art form, a way of making new friends, a form of therapy, performance, expression, and competition.

There’s no doubt that for the audience and participants of the International Gloving Championship that gloving is more than just a passing rave fad.

We should thank Brian Lim, one of the pioneers of the gloving art, for having the awesome idea of developing and carrying out the International Gloving Championship (IGC).

Even though it has only been celebrated for a couple of years, the pure talent of the participants and electric atmosphere at the event is an indication that it is here to stay.

Want to learn more about the top glovers? Look up the best glovers performances on YouTube; take a look at Dytto, Bear Grillz, Blitzen, and Ice Cream Teddy.

Dedication and passion is the key to becoming one of the top glovers at the championship and get the cash prize.

But if you’re new to the gloving culture, don’t overthink it too much and get involved. Once at the event, you'll have the opportunity to learn from the best.

Invited special guest performances and workshops are held over the course of the two days.

So, if you want to learn some gloving techniques such as Clocking, Tutting, and Conjuring, you better be there.




Did you say restrictions?

Well, despite the gloving movement being a friendly group of ravers having fun and creating art out of LED gloves, Insomniac announced in 2011 that gloving in EDM festivals was no longer allowed.

What, seriously? 

Unfortunately, gloving was banned due to the organizers deeming the LED gloves as a "fire hazard".  But there is also a negative stigma around gloving as people associate it with drug taking due to its psychedelic nature.

Apparently, the company also established that it is too dangerous to have a bunch of glovers sitting on the ground doing and watching their art while people are walking around and tripping over others.

In my opinion, EDM festivals could have a designed area where gloving is permitted and that way it could be demonstrated that it is such a legitimate art form.

Anyways, you can still impress and captivate all your friends with your gloving talent at multiples parties, celebrations, discos, gatherings, and more.


Haven’t developed your skills yet?

Go ahead, get a pair of LED gloves and get started!


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