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What Type Of Raver Are You?

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We can't deny that rave events bring different types of people together.

I mean, events with 1000's of people from all walks of life gathering to enjoy the beats of the best EDM artists...'re sure to find a few raver couples, Kandi lovers, and light-show artists just to name a few. 

Even though we like to think it is all about listening to our favorite DJs, the truth about rave culture is that is way more than the just music.

Beyond the music, EDM festivals are simply perfect locations for those who want to truly express themselves.

Surrounded by others practicing the PLUR mantra of peace, love, unity, and respect you'll find plenty of people seeking to break the social bonds of everyday life. 

Some of them are true characters with their mind-blowing outfits to impress as much as any DJ's performance.

So let's discuss the different types of people that you're likely to meet at a rave.


1. The Newbie Raver

You can see it in their eyes.

The first timer always looks totally entranced, astonished, and sometimes a little lost. But don't worry, even the most seasoned of rave vets would have had the same experience, back in the day.

Do you remember that extraordinary feeling?

Well, the good thing about all this is that these events never stop surprising you, even if you’ve been to many raves and know what to expect, organizers are always improving and changing so to give us the best of experience you could ever imagine.

So if a newbie wants to talk to you, be kind and offer some tips on how to enjoy raves.



         Source: TheComeUpShow


2. The Shufflers

The bass drops and we're all dancing.

But when you look around you'll notice the ravers that seem to have been practicing in the mirror for months. 

With their fancy footwork, make sure to give the shuffler some space to do their thing. 

Apparently, they don’t get tired of dancing and can last the entire festival shuffling around the stages.

Always respect the shufflers, as they provide us normal folk with some free entertainment as they express themselves with their outstanding moves.

Another thing that captivates us is the flashy outfits that usually accompany the dance shows and make their moves looks even better.

Have you ever enjoyed a true shuffling performance? or are you one of the shufflers?




3. Kandi Kids

These are the folks who never satisfied with just a few Kandi bracelets.

How do you know if you fit this stereotype?

Dressing in brightly colored clothing, covered from head to toe with Kandi ornaments including bracelets, necklaces, hoods, headgear, and more.

Sharing the self-made Kandi bracelets is a friendly gesture that became a habit for some and an obsession for others during EDM festivals.

It’s a great conversation starter and when you meet a true Kandi kid you'll feel the friendly spirit of these guys and gals who are known for being totally sweet.


Kandi Kids

         Source: Loupiote


4. Raving Couples

Couples who rave together, stay together!

Sharing the rave experience with your other half makes everything better.

Festivals are packed with these happy couples that look adorable holding hands and dancing together.

Often times you'll see couples with fully matching outfits. 

Are you single and looking to mingle? Lots of love stories have begun at festival… so even if you don't have anyone to rave with yet, stay on the lookout because your time will come. 



         Source: WeHeartIt


5. The Glovers

The sun goes down and the light-shows illuminate the venue.

This art form has become so commonplace at festivals nowadays so you'll be sure to see some glovers if you're on the lookout. 

Each light-show shows the artists unique style that enhances the festival experience for everyone.

Looking for an exclusive show? Glovers love showing their skills and entertaining attendees so don’t be nervous about snagging a show simply ask and enjoy the magical effects of the light-up gloves.

Do you already own a pair of Rave Gloves? Then you are most likely part of this movement.


Gloving        Source: Flickr


6. Grass-Sitters

Yes, you know the ones.

They're the reason why we have to walk so carefully between stages.

Of course, we all feel the need to sit for a couple of minutes at some point, but in the middle of the venue? … are you serious?

Are they too tired, socializing, having a picnic, or trying to catch the beats from all the different stages? Who knows…

..but they’re usually pretty friendly, so now you know where to find someone to chill with for a bit or maybe to share a drink.


Grass Sitting        Source: Hiverminer


7. The Cellphone Addicts

Some ravers like to enjoy the festival completely through their cellphone lens.

Recording videos, taking pictures, sending snaps, posting on Instagram and posting on some app that we've never heard of before.

Can you really enjoy your rave experience without using your cell phone?

They don't think so.

Whilst some of us have our senses focused at the moment and the environment around us... the cell phone addict is more worried about getting that perfect picture for Instagram.

Because if you can't post it somewhere it didn't happen right?  

But don't hate, it’s always good for us to have someone in our crew who is taking photos and videos so we can all relive the experience.

Plus, some ravers need great shoots for their blogs, web pages, and so forth.


        Source: Flickr


8. The Crowd Surfers

Some of us get excited when the bass finally drops.

Others go airborne. 

Floating ravers seriously came to a party and aren't as worried about getting a front-row view to enjoy the DJ.

These ravers are always smiling, love living adventures, having good times, and spreading positive vibes everywhere they go.

Are you the one giving them a boost or are you a crowd surfer?


Surfing        Source: Hivemine


9. Flower Girls

Just like the hippies did during 60’s and 70’s, some raver gals use flowers as a symbol of peace and love, which also gives a cute look to their outfit.

Flower crowns are undoubtedly one of the most iconic rave accessories among the ladies, followed by crop tops with printed flowers and high-waisted denim to complete the look.

These raver girls represent happiness, love, good vibes, and everything that binds the PLUR movement together.

So, where do you fit?

No matter which raver stereotype you belong to, always remember to show love to all types of people you meet at a rave.

Because it's the diversity that truly makes these events so special. 

Are we missing any other types of ravers? Let us know in the comments below.

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