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How You Can Recover From A Rave Almost Instantly!

rave recovery


Just a few days left to the long-awaited rave festival and you’re getting freaking exciting.

Once at the rave, the adrenaline runs as faster as never through the body and you feel that your soul has been simply transported to another dimension.

But what comes next...

How do you feel after a rave?

Besides extremely glad that you attended one of the most awesome events of your life, a feeling of sadness due to its end also acts up.

And what about the body?

Well, after all those days partying, it’s normal to expect some coming hours or days with awful muscular pain, a low in the energy reserves and nutrients.  

Because, obviously, you’re not made of iron!

An even though, you can party like a rock star, it appears that you cannot recover as one!

The truth is that we all love raves, but no one enjoys that zombie feeling after, right?

Help yourself!

Look at the following tips, seeped up the recuperation process and make it to work/school on Monday.

Eat your Veggies!

Raves, ideal to forget about the daily chores and worries!

But, with all that excitement, attractions, and the performances of your favorite worldwide DJs, it’s super easy to skip meals.

So, after those few snacks and not very healthy food truck, your body is screaming for balanced food.

If you’re good at cooking, prepare your own meals; try to grill and add fresh vegetables and fruits to the menu, avoid too many sauces, fries, salt, and sugar.

Wholemeal flour, Greek yogurt, broccoli, cucumber, spinach, beet, oranges, lemon, apples, and nuts are a good source of nutrients and detoxifying, which is exactly what you are looking for.

Enhance your diet with extra vitamins; keep your energy levels up to B Complexes and protect the immune system with Vitamin C.

5-HTP, also known as serotonin, is the key to boost your mood and reduce the risk of depletion, so you actually would like to start taking it before the rave; so you won’t be the Grinch at office or school.


Water, please

Stay hydrated!

That’s undoubtedly one of the most common advises when going to a rave.

But, although you did guzzle water during day and night at the festival, the body feels like laziness is killing you the next day.

Why is it happening to you?

It’s probably because, after all that dancing moves, your body runs out of mineral salts; in other words, you’re dehydrated.

Eight glasses of water? Yes, that’s helpful!

Nothing like drink a lot of water; create your own flavored water, which not only adds a delicious touch but also some nutrients.

Try Lemon, cucumber, mint, and water; another tasty option is mixing strawberries, lemon, basil, and water; place it in a water bottle, add ice cubes and take sips all day long.  

Electrolytes are perfect for regulating the required percentage of water in the body; run to the closest grocery store and grab some coconut water, green tea, Gatorade, Power Ade, etc.

Forget about drinking sodas, juices with high sugar content, and of course, any alcohol the following days.

Lemon Water


Sweet dreams

Sleep all day, party all night!

This case was partying all day and night, three days long… quite different, right?

Isn’t it curious that you never feel tired at all while having fun at raves?

But it seems that right when it ends, a bomb of extreme fatigue exploits in your head, and the problem is that physical and psychological symptoms appear with tiredness.

That’s why everything from walking to thinking feels like a nightmare and all you want is to sleep.

Between 6 to 10 hours of continuing sleeping are what you need; so close the blinds, turn off the phone, the TV, ask for a late check-out if you can, and nite-nite.

Can you take a power nap longer than 12, 15, or 20 hours? Sounds like heaven, but don’t do it.

The reality is that oversleeping would cause more controversy; headaches, variations in blood sugar levels and biological clock, sadness, and more.

Instead, you can take a couple of minutes during the day to rest and have a better recovery phase.

Now you know, after taking a shower, drink a bedtime tea, and wake up after some hours of deep sleep.

rave recovery party gear accessories


Stay Strong

Walking, dancing, jumping… these are some kind of exercises you do during rave festivals, or not?

The thing is that you should push yourself for working out during the days after the event.

Wait, seriously? Yes, but don’t freak out, a marathon is not either recommended.

You’re tired as never before, but practice low-impact cardio routines, lift light weights, or mainly stretching your muscles after all those fantastic days.

You can also try something calm and peaceful like yoga, tai-chi, or Pilates, and recover mind, body, and soul.

Because believed or not, training would make you feel better and happier.

How is it possible?

Well, while exercising the body release endorphins, which are body substances that alleviate the physical pain and increase the good mood; that’s why they are also known as hormones of happiness.

And remember, it always seems impossible until it is done!



Welcome Back to Real Life

The transitioning from a paradisiacal experience to regular life also requires some mental concentration.

Remembering and talking about the last event you attended is awesome, but just for a few days; otherwise post-rave sadness could take you.

Seriously; raves are so mind-blowing that when you realize they are totally over and the routine is back, the feeling is not cool at all.

Anyways, you’ll like to be prepared for the real world; read the news, take a look at the show business industry, talk with your friends and colleagues about what’ve been going on last days.

And yes plan the next weekend party!

Just kidding! But it’s definitely a great moment to book your next rave festival, so this way you’ll have a reason to smile and be happy every day!