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How To Turn Ordinary Items Into Rave Wonders

diy rave outfits


No judgments, no dress code!

One of the endless reasons why we love raves is that we can wear anything we want.

Awesome costumes, insane accessories, neon outfit combinations, mind-boggling makeup… Literally whatever comes to your head.

But, what if after deciding your next rave outfit, your size is not available or can’t find exactly what you’re looking for?

Quite disappointing, right?

A smart way to be sure about loving your rave look is by DIY!

Come on, let’s try it, you’ll have tons of fun will doing it plus your bank account won’t be affected.

Just keep in mind that your creation must provide lots of comfort for dancing during several hours in a row.

Grab clothes you already have, scissors, thread, glue, accessories, anything you find helpful and… Let your imagination fly!

Seeking for inspiration and tips? Keep reading, find ideas to build or add a personal touch to your rave clothing, and standout for less at the next festival.

Cutting your Stuff

Don’t freak out!

Knowing how to cut certain items can actually transform something like an old shirt into that fabulous tank you’re looking for.

So, take a look at your wardrobe, take out that colorful old tank, the long weird skirt you used just once, and hands-on work.

Probably one of the first things we want to learn is turning a t-shirt into a tank top, right?

Just cut off the hem, neck, and sleeves.

Cool, but you want more than a simple top… A fringe tank?

Decide the wanted length of the fringes and let the scissors make their job; interlace and knot the strands for a more chic design.

This method works superbly in skirts.

Stormtrooper, a skull, or any funky figure cutout tee? These are extraordinary because the air can run down your back while dancing!

Pretty easy; once you have your favorite model, draw it on the back, and just cut it!

Skulls cutout shirts are seen often among guys.

Remember that what really matters is to feel comfy and fresh.


Glowing Garments

Everything that glows has an extra magic.

That’s why rave festivals have those freaking wonderful light shows

Imagine having neon LED lights accompanying your dancing moves… what kind of specimen wouldn’t enjoy that?

EL glowing wire is what you need to light up your clothing.

The steps? Once you determined which garment is going to be the lucky one, choose or create a design; it could be a logo, simple stripes, or a tie which looks great on boys.

Then, delineate and attach it using thread, glue, scissors, all the required materials, and instruments.

You can read on our blog the post about attaching EL wire to the clothes and help yourself.

Attach it to jackets, caps, hoodies, tutus, suspenders or even in an entire suit for an amazing glowing impression.

Don’t forget the LED shoelaces to complete the look.

Glowing Tutu

Source: NuLights


Kandi Movement

Kandis play an important role in the rave culture.

Friendship, support, understanding, love, are just a few representations of sharing a Kandi at festivals.  

Besides being part of the PLUR motto, Kandis are that funny and colorful accessories for expressing ourselves without saying a word.

Make your Kandi bracelets speak with your creations.

Plastic colored bead, nylon thread, and inspiration is everything you need.

Centerpieces provide a personality to each Kandi bracelet; rave words, hearts, peace symbols, foam figures, flowers… whatever you can add to the design is totally valid.

A good tip for stronger knots is to use clear nail polish after you tie off the Kandi; make sure to tie it at least three times.


Source: Loupiote


Royalty Touch

Tiaras and crowns are welcome!

Headwear is becoming a must during festivals; everything from plain bandanas to Mexican hats is accepted.

Flower headbands are gals’ favorite, especially for Coachella.

DIY’ing is pretty fun and effortless; simply grab plastic flowers of your preference, feel free of combining styles and colors.

Pull the flowers off the stem, cut off the ends of the flowers and save the vines if you want to include them in the project.

With a glue gun, place the flower on a headband; you’ll like to map out the design before gluing them; add the vines if wanted.

And there you got; a perfect blossom headband for raves.

You can also use an elastic strip, so all the flowers will border your head.

Follow the same steps to create a feathers headband, the bigger the feathers, the better for guy’s headwear.



Sparkling Skin

Accessories are the flawless touch in every outfit, but glitter is the key to a brightening style.

Prepare your own body glitter and literally make yourself shine in your next rave.

Aloe Vera gel, a small, empty and clean jar to make and save the preparation, and of course, any of the glitter options offered in the market…. White, fine, multicolored glitter… It’s up to you!

Then, you’ll want to add glitter to the little container, include the Aloe Vera gel; stir it with a small stick and that’s it. The amount of glitter depends on how concentrated you want it to be.

Be ready to have a luxury and soft skin during the festival.

You’ll love to share it with your friends and receive all those marvelous compliments about your body glitter.

Glitter Skin


Paint artist

Make that shirt unique with your paintings.

Ok, maybe you’re not an artist, but you don’t need to be one for this.

The idea is to enliven your rave outfit with neon fabric paint.

A shirt, bag, pair of shoes, shorts, and bandanas, are some of the pieces you can enhance with the several options of neon colors.

Try polka dots, stars, peace symbols, psychedelic designs, or famous rave quotes.

Keep Calm and Rave On, I Used To Sleep At Nights, or the popular Eat Sleep Rave Repeat, are some of the mottos you can set on your stuff.

When painting letters and wild rave models make a draft and follow it while using the fabric paint on your belongings.

Want a unique and memorable garment? Bring the fabric paint to the festival (If it’s allowed) and let your raver friends get creative with your clothes.