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See How Easily You Can Dress For A Rave


So you and your friends are getting ready for your next show...

...and the adrenaline is already running through your body!

You've got your festival ticket, your camping spot booked, your transportation covered...

But what about your outfits?

Beyond the music, another big draw of raves and festivals is being able to wear whatever you want. It's the one place where you can truly express yourself.

However, with all of the options available, sometimes it can be a little bit overwhelming to decide on what outfit to wear. 

But don't freak out, dressing for a rave shouldn’t be a headache.

Raves are the perfect place to simply be yourself and forget about the stresses of everyday life.

Seeing as your fellow ravers are there to follow the PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) credo, no matter what you wear people will be accepting and friendly towards you anyway. 

Ok … any ideas about what to wear? 

Get creative and take a look at our suggestions below. Just remember that the venue and weather are important factors to keep in mind, so you better search for the weather expectations before anything else.

Life’s too short to wear boring clothes! Especially to a rave!


         Source: The Come Up Show


Rave Outfit Tips

No matter whether you are a first-timer or a rave veteran leave the shyness at the door and wear whatever makes you feel cozy and confident.

Even though there are no fashion rules or any dress code, there are some common outfit themes that people tend to follow. 

Let’s go through some of the rave clothing ideas that will help you decide on a fantastic outfit.

Guys Rave Outfits

Anything goes for guys… so don’t even think about stressing out when choosing your clothing, just choose the style you like and make sure you're comfortable.

Shirt and tank!

You can always get away with wearing a tee to these events, but come on … you are going to a festival, be more exciting and stay away from the plain tee shirt style. Instead, try bright color combinations or the ones with funny MEME's.

What do you think about Keep Calm and Rave On, or Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat printed on your tee? Definitely better than an all-black-shirt.

The same concept works for tanks, unlike tees these allow you to show off all the hours spent at the gym.

The key is to wear something red and comfy.

What else? Well… Rave pants and shorts.

Cargo shorts, UFO pants, phat pants, everything is valid as long as you feel cozy enough to show your dance moves.

Rave Guy

                                 Source: LAWeekly


Girls Rave Outfits

Are you ready to shine and express yourself with that awesome outfit?

Tops, tops, and more tops!

Hey, girls, there are limitless rave clothing options to suit your personality.  Crop tops, rave bras, tank tops, bikini tops, and much more that are also flawless for different occasions.

Crop tops, rave bras, tank tops, bikini tops, and much more that are also flawless for different occasions.

Metallic, neon colors, print designs, and transparent items for the most daring of girls. 😈

The essential thing is to feel confident and to love what you wear.

And what when it comes to legs? You'll need something pretty but also comfortable so that you can dance and walk.

This is your chance to crack out the booty shorts and bikini bottoms!

High-waisted and low-waisted booty shorts with metallic mermaid designs, fringe suede, gold or silver sparkling color, or a fabulous rainbow theme.

Enhance your outfit with a glowing tutu or trying the gorgeous leg wraps which come in multiple colors.

Rave Girl Clothing

          Source: Edm


Sneakers Are For Ravers

Rave all day and all night.

Remember you will be dancing, walking, and wandering around for hours… so put some sneakers on.

Avoid your feet aching and causing you trouble with a comfortable and lightweight pair of sneakers.

But just because your choosing comfortable footwear doesn't mean that they need to be boring!

Enchant your dance moves with light up shoelaces and get them in a range of different colors.


Another good option is to get a pair of the popular LED rave shoes ….Created for rave lovers like you who want to shine from head to toe!

Fluffy shoes are also common footwear, mainly on girls, a pair of these will be sure to make you stand out in the crowd!

Quirky Style

Maybe you are thirsty for something even more creative?

Go ahead and don’t limit yourself to the common rave trends!

Wear the costume of your favorite superhero, animal, or movie character…. take advantage of the event and become the rude boy and the sassy girl you always wanted to be without worrying about other peoples opinions.

Recently, lots of ravers have been opting for onesies of unicorns, pajamas, cartoon characters, and more. These are especially comfy to stay warm in during winter events in outdoor venues.

Coordinate with your squad and wear matching or complementary costumes … But be ready to be surrounded by fellow ravers asking for pictures with you.



A Touch Of Flavor

Rave HoodTo complete your look and to achieve that unique style you'll need some rave accessories.

Reflective sunglasses, hats, caps, colored LED necklaces and bracelets are among the most popular.

Furry animal hoods are becoming famous among participants as well as motif mouth scarves as skulls, funny lips and more.

Girls are embellishing their skin with the newest temporary metallic tattoos, hennas, and rhinestone accents; a fun way to look chic and glamorous!

Don’t forget a nice backpack to keep your stuff safe, because with all the partying personal items can easily fall from pockets.

 Light Up Toys & Costumes

Bring the fun and add some glow!

LED toys are accessories that can always be found at rave events!

Poi balls, hula hoops, yo-yos, rave gloves… everything with LED

Don’t freak out if you have no idea about how to use any of these toys, you can just relax and watch the shows made by other ravers, and then learn if you are interested.

Want to add a light up effect to your costume? Light up your entire outfit by attaching these neon EL glowing wire's to make a costume to stand out in the night and day!


Remember: wear outfits that look awesome and are practical for the event you're going to.  

Once at the festival forget all about the stresses of daily life and enjoy one of the most unforgettable and incredible experiences you'll ever have!