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Attending A Rave Festival Alone Can Also Be Fun

rave alone


There is a festival coming up and your favorite DJ will be there... you start planning for the event.

You've saved up for it, bought your ticket, and got your transport sorted.

But what if you’re new in town?

...or maybe your rave crew can’t make it?

What if you invite your friends and they're just not interested?

The idea of going by yourself can be a scary thought.

Naturally, we think of the worst things that can happen….

What if something bad happens to you? Am I going to get bored being by myself? Are people going to look at me weirdly because I'm alone?  

But come on… Your favorite DJ will be there and the rest of the lineup seems to be awesome.

Are you seriously thinking about missing it? No way!

Don't miss out on the opportunity just because none of your friends can come with you.

Instead, be brave and see it as a totally new adventure.


Being Alone Is Ok

There’s nothing wrong with raving alone.

You're not the first or last person to attend a rave alone.

That’s the first thing you need understand in order to have a good time solo.

Are you going to face loneliness at any moment during the festival?

Probably not, you just need to get out of your comfort zone and explore the event and mingle with new people.

Maybe while wandering between stages you'll even meet others in the same situation as you make new friends that way. Or you might come across a friendly group who adopt you into their crew. 

Either way, you're going to get to rage to your favorite artists and probably get a good spot in the crowd.


Bring Good Vibes

In other words, be confident and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Don’t lose time and energy wondering what others think about you being alone… trust me, maybe the only person paying attention to that is you.

So, stand straight, feel good and share the good vibes with everyone.

Remember that the way you see yourself is exactly how others see you and let’s be honest, we know that Self-confidence is the best rave outfit.

See some friendly people and want to meet them? Forget about shyness and do it. Simply say Hi, or give a compliment about their clothing and dance moves.

Be open to making new friends and let others get to know the real you.

Good Vibes


Do It Your Way

If there’s anything that's more difficult when raving with a crew, it’s planning which performances to attend and deciding on how long to stay at the same stage.  

Well, feel free about making your own schedule and see only the acts you want to see.

Stay at any of the stages as long as you want, take a mid-day nap, walk around, check out the different art displays. Spend the time as you want, without any dramas, limits, or conflicts. 

Another advantage?

Navigating the crowd is way easier, moving among ravers and finding a nice spot close to the stage could be tough if you’re part of a crew.

So, once you get where you want to be, it is easier to keep your place throughout the festival.



Get Social Before the Event

You’re ok with going alone, now we know that. 

But why not make an effort to meet people even before the event? This way you'll have some people chill with when you get there. 

Try visiting EDM groups on Facebook as well as the different social media accounts.

Just introduce yourself to the group on start up a discussion in the comments and let people know you’re going.

Also, you can always start a conversation on social media during the event by following the relevant hashtags on Instagram or watching out for live feeds on Facebook. 

Go ahead and try it!


Social Media


Stay Positive

A positive mind attracts a positive experience.

Your attitude and outlook will play an important role when raving alone.

If you’re content in your own skin and happy for being there, the rest will come easily. You'll find it easier to hang out, chat, dance with others, and join in on the festival fun.

Remember you're at a festival, so there aren’t any good reasons for feeling bad… I mean, you’re doing what you truly want to.. so go ahead and enjoy it1

Radiate good vibes only and share the energy.  

Positive Vibes

        Source: Spacekitt3n


Be Unique

Want to stand out? If you go all out with your rave outfit you'll find it way easier to make friends at the event.  

Wear some colorful makeup, attach some neon glowing wires to your outfit, wear a onesie, or anything bright, colorful and unique.

Imagine finding your favorite superhero, cartoon or character raving next to you.

If you make an effort with your costume people will be much more inclined to approach you. 

Besides looking awesome, it’s a terrific way of starting a conversation, even more, if it’s a DIY project.

Another idea is to bring some gifts to share, a Kandi bracelet, bandana's, or even blow some bubbles.

Besides making other’s experiences better, it’s a marvelous way to entertain yourself while exchanging happiness.



Music Is All You Need

Get lost in the music!

That’s the reason why you’re there, right?

Enjoy your favorite DJs and artists, and immerse yourself in the music. 

All your anxiety will disappear when you are surrounded by fellows ravers who appreciate the music as much as you do.

Enjoy your festival experience and have an adventure of self-exploration. 


Now, are you pumped about going solo?