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Do You Recognize The Signs Of An EDM-Addict?



They say "Music is the strongest form of magic" 

...and for EDM fans, we like to have magic with us always.

Because every moment is better with EDM right?

While driving, showering, studying, partying, eating, working out, waking up, and falling asleep.

You take it with you, wherever you go. 

But is it possible to be addicted to electronic dance music? 

Don’t panic… whether you just like it from time to time or you’re seriously addicted, there are some benefits to a healthy dose of EDM.

Some studies suggest that EDM (especially trance) can improve overall well-being.

So don’t stress out, because no medication or rehab is needed (except maybe the one in Vegas 😜 ).

So, if you want to know the signs of an EDM addiction keep reading and find out the symptoms.




1. Your Alarm Clock Rings To The Beat Of An EDM Song

What kind of weirdo doesn’t want to turn the alarm off?

An EDM addict. 

Not because they are early birds who can't wait to get out of bed, but because they can't bring themselves to turn off the beat of an extremely catchy EDM tune.

You know it’s going to be a good day if EDM wakes you up.  


2. Incessantly Checking EDM Related Social Media

After listening happily to your alarm, the next step before anything else is looking at your favorite social networks to see if there are any new tracks out or lineup updates for that upcoming festival.

Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram are a must for any addict who needs to know if anything relevant occurred whilst they were asleep dreaming about EDM festivals.

This behavior isn't just a morning activity, it carries on throughout the day.




3. Too Many EDM Playlists

Another symptom of an EDM addiction is an unnecessary amount of EDM music playlists.

Opening an addict's Spotify you're like to find playlists like EDM, EDM 2, EDM 2017, Older EDM, Deep House, and more.


4. EDM All Day, Everyday

People know you’re around because EDM is playing.

Everywhere - in the house, at the car, parties, work, grandpa’s birthday gathering, even at your wedding reception.

Yes, we all can agree that there is music for most occasions but the addict insists that there is EDM song suited for every moment of the day.

That’s the reason why for many of us it’s more than music, it’s a way of expressing who we are.

EDM is a lifestyle!  



           Source: Kushandwizdom 


5. Where Is My Money?

Work hard, play harder!

An addict will spend a good portion of their paycheck attending EDM events.

With no regrets, of course. 

So it’s not surprising to realize the day after the festival that all those hours worked were exchanged for hours of happiness.

Well, for the addict it is worth every penny.


6. Work Out Motivation

Nothing gives us more energy than listening to when the beat drops.

The EDM addict uses the beat to their advantage and listens to uplifting beats when working out.

This is the key to getting in shape for those summer festivals.

Obviously, the addict has these songs as a separate EDM Gym Motivation playlist.




7. Can’t Stop Moving

Never missing a chance to dance… or maybe you're dancing all the time.

The addict can be found dancing even when there is no music, as the EDM never leaves their thoughts.

Walking? No way, the addict shuffles everywhere.

If this is you, don’t worry, the key to life is dancing your way through it!


8. No Dress Code

Dress code is not a thing to worry about… at least at EDM festivals and not for EDM addicts.

They are already used to dressing as they want from all the festivals they attend.  Never do they think about other people judging them.

So when the date of the event finally comes, the addict has to wear an outrageous animal onesie, neon glowing suit, or a fully fluorescent costume.




9. Phone Running Out Of Storage

Photos, videos, memes...all of them related to EDM and using close to 99% of the addict's phone space.

After attending raves and festivals, erasing any of the pictures and videos the addict recorded feels like destroying a part of themselves.  Even if they already sent them to iCloud, email, or stored them on your laptop they still insist on keeping the originals on their phone. 

Next festival booked? Ok, now is the moment to make room and clear the phone.


10. Should I Become A DJ?

Come on, there’s nothing to hide!

Have you ever wanted to be a DJ?

Believe it or not, most fans have thought about giving it a go, and most addicts have given it a try at some point.

It’s not a secret that being a DJ requires dedication and hard work, most addicts are willing to try so they can make a career out of their love for EDM.




11. Post-Festival Depression

A true EDM addict can rave all weekend and wishes it would last forever. 

No daily chores, no work, no school… the festival allows the addict to venture into a different world without the ordinary stresses of everyday life.

Sadly, this magical world has to end at the end and the addict has to return to the reality of meetings, finals, and homework. 

This is when the post-festival depression kicks in, leaving you longing for the next event. 


12. One Song, Multiple Versions

Wondering why can’t you get that song out of your head?

It's because you have the Techno, Trance, and Deep House versions of the same song, even the acoustic version. This is why you can’t stop thinking about it!

The true EDM addict collects different mixed and remixed versions of their favorite tracks because one version is simply not enough! 



13. Cake To The Face.

Wanting to receive a sweet frosting cake to the face from Steve Aoki is a true sign of an EDM addict. 

 Can you think of any more signs of an EDM Addict?