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Does Raving Change When You’re Adult?

adult ravers

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Some college students are excited and anxious about becoming adults… were you one of them?

I can’t believe I used to think people of my age were adults.

Neither you?

Well, the truth is that at a certain age, society can judge us for a couple of parameters absurdly established.

When are you getting married, what about having kids, are you dressing properly for your age, what are you working on…?

These are just a few of the innumerable common questions… for sure you’ve heard them.

We can’t go back to the days where adult responsibilities were not leading our lives, but we surely can still being happy and enjoying the days.

I mean, who said being adult should be a bad thing? It’s all up to you.

Are you leaving beside your hobbies, passion, or even your lifestyle?

Come on! Once a raver always a raver…. There’s no going back!

Moreover, who said there’s a right age for raving?

Nevertheless, facing adulthood can change a bit some raving aspects… either for better or worse, do you agree?

Find some changes and differences below and see how many of them sound familiar to you.

Do you have any other to add to the lists? Let us know!

Am I Saving Money?

They say money can’t buy happiness, but you can get festival tickets and that’s freaking awesome.

But sadly, money has been a painful thing for many when it comes to raves.

First, you study, get a part-time job, and struggle the way for not missing the next events.

What happens at a certain age?

You rent an apartment not a room with friends, taxes appear, you get more compromises, the bank provides you with credit cards and you quickly reach the limit because of raving.  

So… where are your savings? They don’t exist, right?

Is this situation killing you? Don’t stress out!

Simply define your priorities… and yes, including festivals on the list but be picky, don’t think about attending all of them, make your research and decide how many and which ones to enjoy.



Lack Of Energy

So, tiredness seems to be your new best friend…

How is that possible? I mean maybe you used to be athletic or the soul of the party...

When you were young there was no weekend without going to pubs and partying with friends until dawn; surprisingly, you were totally activated the next day.

Now, all you want is to chill out, grab a drink, and have a good conversation… not mentioning the days you just want to eat pizza and watch Netflix.

But, is there energy for raving?

Well, the only thing can take you away from that couch is a rave!

There’re no excuses because you don’t want any to be.

So you get there, rave during the weekend without any complaints and feel totally in shape, what you don’t know is the incredible lack of energy you’ll experience the next day.

Anyways, it’s more than worthy and it’s just fatigue, nothing to worry about.



The Crew Has Been Dispersed

Planning the logistics for the next rave with your crew is undoubtedly an exciting thing.

Is someone going to drive, where are you going to overnight, do we have a tent? Are some of the wanderings we love solving.

However, the time is in charge of directing us to different places, provided responsibilities, and basically give us a new life; incredibly, some of our friends seem to change their hobbies and passions.

Personally, I found pretty difficult for someone to grow up that much to quit raving… A truly raver who became part of the movement and practiced to the fullest the PLUR culture knows nothing can replace it.

The point is that keeping the crew can be tough… some of them don’t have time, the other has to work… and another simply doesn’t rave anymore.

Who cares… If you can attend the next rave, go for it!

You’re never too old and in the worst case, there’s nothing bad about going solo.

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Wearing Rave Clothing

The most mind-blowing outfits are at raves!

No matter the season of the year, festivals look like a fashion show where the most outrageous clothing is modeled by amazing people.

Customs, bright neon tanks, onesies, flurry accessories, Kandis all around the body, extraordinary makeup….

Don’t even think about quitting the rave runway, at least during events!

Remember, life’s too short to wear boring clothes.

So grab some Neon Gloving Wires and create the most stunning design, dress up as your favorite character, or go ahead and try neon makeup.

The attitude determinates the way you look, not your age.

Get there and have fun!

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Dancing Moves

Forget your troubles and dance!

That’s what we do during festivals, but to the beat of worldwide DJs, in an awesome venue, and with our friends.

Who can’t forget about everyday chores with all that? Raves are the perfect getaway.

The point in favor of attending numerous events and having maybe one, two, or more gray hairs already, is that experience makes everything better.

So, no one will knock you out when showing your dancing moves.

Keep in mind…Practice makes a master!

The same principle applies when it comes to gloving, hula hooping, and any other art.

Put on your Led Gloves and show the younger ones who know better!


Source: TheArgus


Facing Post-Rave Recovering

Another festival just finished and as always post-rave depression comes to say hi!

Why should such a wonderful thing end?

Nothing last forever and a recovering process starts right after a rave; you sleep as never before, talk about how amazing the festival was, have a friend supporting you and making it easier.

On the other hand, when you get a bit older and surrounded by riper friends, things can be different.

You can’t talk with your coworkers because they have no clue about it; responsibilities never take a break, your body doesn’t respond as it used to, and so forth.

However, age isn’t about how old you’re, but how old you feel.

And trust me; you’re never too old for living your dreams.

So get there and rave as always!!