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Improve Your Lifestyle While Raving!

rave culture


Why do we love raves?

It’s kind of a common question, am I right?

People think raves equal a three-day party standing in front of a stage, surrounded by sweaty people and without deep sleeping.

For us, the word is translated into our favorite hits to the beat of the best DJs, extraordinary light shows, and dancing happily all day long; isn’t it?

But there is more…

Besides being massive events whit incredible EDM performances, raves are life-changing experiences.

It’s totally true that you become someone different after attending an event, but don’t freak out; it’s different in a positive way.

Is it seriously possible? Well, yes!

Incredibly, raves are perfect to help you see things with a different point of view during daily life, finding who you are, and facing a different kind of situations in a savvy and calm way.

Yes, just like therapy or rehab, but for sure much cooler.

No matter if you’ve been raving for years or if you’ve been only in one, you know there’re things and life lessons we learned from the events.

Take a look at the following main and common things ravers have learned and let us know your opinion; are you agree?

All About Experiences

We don’t remember the days, we remember the moments.

Do you also believe that money can’t buy happiness?

Many of us grew up believing that the key to a fulfilling life was earning giant amounts of money, owning companies or working for an important enterprise, and having a house with luxury ornamentation.

The truth is that with the time and situations lived, we realize that what seriously matters is to be happy, at peace, loving and sharing with all our peers, right?

Because let’s be honest, who remember the numbers in the bank account from 3 years ago? Not me.

But what happens when it comes to prom night, your best friend bachelor party, that road trip with the crew….?

Everything comes to our minds as it was yesterday; details, tastes, smells, even the feelings … and that’s what makes life worthwhile; these marvelous moments.

So the thing is that raves are on the list of these fantastic experiences that no one can snatch us away from our minds.

When you look back to the event day and talk about it, all that powerful feelings, the adrenaline, and excitement revive as if you were at the place and moment.

That’s when you realize that life is about having wonderful experiences, moments, and creating memories with the one you love.

Experiences         Source:


Accept One Another  

Peace, Love, Unity, Respect… PLUR, an ideology that characterizes ravers and festivals.

It sounds a bit difficult to follow this motto in a world where everything and everyone is judged and compared… But at raves, it flows super easy and natural.

Wondering why?

Well, the reason is that once at raves you feel comfortable in your own skin and when it happens, there’s no place for judging others; you’re too busy being happy.

Go to that rave and present yourself as you are.

We all know our lives are different and no one knows what you’ve been through… What raves only care about is supporting one another and having an amazing time.

But, if it feels that awesome to be part of the PLUR movement, why not to make it part of our everyday life and not just limit it when raving?

Undoubtedly a simple way to improve your and others life without much effort.

Come on! Practice it every day and see how it comes back and the energy with others will change in a good way… Yes, even with your boss and mother in law.


Source: Loupiote


Spread Good Vibes

Experiences are better when are shared with outstanding people!

Then, good vibes only!

Even though ravers are always friendly, make sure to surround yourself with positive people, especially if you’re inviting someone new to become part of these exceptional events.

Anyways, being cool and happy is contagious.

So, be prepared to meet nice people and make new friends from all over the world… Who knows, maybe next time you’ll meet them in a rave in a different country.  

Keeping with the concept that we receive what we give, don’t be surprised to find the love of your life during the event and begin a raving life together.

Good Vibes


Let Creativity Flows

Were you one of those students on the top list in art class?

That’s not my case… But trust me, raves provide all the required inspiration to get creative.

Are you with me on this, right?

Authentic rave outfits, fabulous makeup for a personal touch, and unique accessories, mainly the remarkable Kandis, which we happily exchange with new friends during the event.

Even though all type of clothing will do just fine at festivals, from plain t-shirts to glowing suits, we’re always looking a way to immerse in the rave style, especially after our first rave.

What fits best with this or that, how to turn ordinary clothes into an unbelievable rave outfit, DIY accessories, and looking for an incredible makeup are some of the ways for letting our imagination flows.

Everything is welcome and DIY rave outfits are totally awesome, they are made at the perfect size, way cheaper, plus you’ll have tons of fun while creating them and feel proud of the innumerable compliments.

So, dress as you ever wanted, look for tutorials, ask for help, grab some glitter, EL wires, and surprise yourself when finding all that creativity that was deeply asleep.

YOLO        Source: Flickr


Why so serious?

Ok, maybe you already know what I’ll say... YOLO!

But, it’s the freaking truth!

Why taking everything, including yourself so seriously?

If there’s something we learn when raving is to enjoy the moment and forget about what’s next.

That makes us feel alive, enjoy to the fullest, meet people… you know what I’m talking about.

So, let’s keep this way of experiencing moments at any time no matter where you are.

Be creative and peaceful when having a challenging situation, let go all the worries, and see how your life evolves naturally and amazingly.

Let us know what else have you learned so far while raving, is there something missing in the post?