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Top 5 Accessories Every Raver MUST Have

rave accessories


When you're getting ready to go to your next event do you ever stop to think about what accessories you're going to wear?

I bet you do! 

That's because sometimes picking the accessories to match your outfit takes longer than choosing the outfit itself.

Having the right rave accessories can be the finishing touch to make your outfit to stand out from the crowd 😉

So take note of these ideas below to make sure you're never invisible in a crowd...

Here are some MUST HAVE accessories…



LED gloves are the perfect accessory if you are skilled with your hands. However, if you don’t know how to use them yet, there are many tutorials where you can learn how to glove.

Especially if you're a glover, this is one accessory that you simply need to have.

rave LED glovesrave LED gloves



Bandanas are great. They are not just a “good-looking” accessory, but they are also very useful.

Why's that you ask?

Well at festivals out in the desert like Burning Man or Coachella, where there is a lot of dust, you can use them to avoid breathing in all that bad stuff while you're raving. It will keep your lungs clean while partying hard.

They can be simple bandanas or you can go a little wild and use a LED bandana.

These are pretty awesome.


light up bandanalight up bandana


Kaleidoscope glasses and goggles

Glasses time! We all need glasses, even more so when it is bright outside and we are going to be standing, dancing with the sun beaming straight on your neck🤩🤩.

Normal sunglasses are an option, but if you’re seeking for a crazy, crazy effect, you may want to consider using one of these options.

kaleidoscopekaleidoscope glasses



Neon Glowing Wire

This is probably the most versatile accessory that every raver needs to have.


Simple, you can attach it to almost anything and you make your whole outfit 10 times better😍😍😍.

Another cool fact about it is that it works for both girls and guys. You can attach it to your bra, your friend to his/her cap or in where ever place you want it, these are awesome!

LED wireLED wire



Bags can be very useful at a rave or festival to carry all your essentials - sunscreen, water, snacks, makeup etc.

There are hydration water bags, fanny packs or drawstring bags and backpacks.

It all depends on how much stuff you have to carry and how it will look with your outfit 😉





LED Foam Sticks

These foam sticks can be seen from the distance (in case you lose your friends) and they are always fun to have. 

You can grab a pack of different colors so you and your friends are identifiable in a crowd.

LED foam sticksLED foam sticks

So there you have it. Some rave accessories that will make your experience that much better for your next show😍💃🦄.