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The Secret Of Choosing A Whole New Rave Outfit

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When it comes to choosing “what to wear" it can get really difficult to come up with new, novel, ideas. 

You know... something particularly original that you actually identify with.

As I told you before in How To Make Your Rave Outfit Look Like A Celebrity's, it's important to find an outfit that is congruent with you.

And remember, you need to be comfortable because you’re probably going to be walking a lot, jumping, dancing and who knows what else.

Ok, so… let’s get to the point.

How can we choose a rave outfit that is unique and makes us stand out from the rest?

So we need to start with a good base…

in this case, we are going to think about a pair of shorts.

Why shorts?

Well, unless you’re going to a Winter festival, or it is getting cold because it is in Autumn or something like that, they are probably the best option. They’re comfy, they’re fresh, they’re matchable, they don’t even take up a lot of space in your bag.

rave holographic shortsrave shorts

So, depending on what you choose and how you like to wear them, you can find plenty of options too. High waisted, really tiny shorts, metallic, plain, animal printed, and a bunch of other options too!

Although if you prefer, there are pants options as well.

If you’re choosing pants, you need to choose the right pair for you. If you like jeans, perhaps a broken jean can make it a little more special than just a plain pair of those.

However, you can always go for a pair of sweatpants -which are a lot more comfortable than the jeans, a cool pair of leggings, a pair of wide trousers, or if you’re into a shuffle and you want to highlight your moves, a great option for you will be the reflective leggins.

harem pantsrave leggins

Ok, now… What's the next step to have a great look for your next rave?

Choose a great top.

Ok, so, it shouldn’t be that hard to pick, right? However, there are a LOT of options for you to choose from.


Bodysuits are a great option. Why? Because they are versatile. You can match them with your favorite pair of shorts, and a light shining coat, or you can even be a little bit daring and take away the shorts and show off your legs 😜

One of the coolest things about them is that you can also find a long sleeve or long leg bodysuits.

lace bodysuitholographic bodysuit

If you like the lace bodysuit or the ones with a bit more 'transparency', you’ll want to also choose a pair of nipple pasties, so you can be even more comfortable.

If you don’t like that particular style of a bodysuit, don’t worry, ‘cuz there are plenty of other options. From rainbow inspired ones, just a basic color with the cool cut all over, all up to some holographic bodysuit.

They are really varied, so don’t worry, you’ll find one that works for you.

backless bodysuitcross strap bodysuit

Crop Tops

If you've been working on getting that tummy flat, you’ll probably won’t want to wear a tee, am I right? No! Even if you just want to show off just a little skin without showing too much, crop tops are a great option for you.

There are many many options when it comes to these.

There are the mesh crop tops', which let show off a little skin but still cover up the top of your body. With this particular kind of crop tops, you can perfectly wear a cool pair of nipple pasties.

gemed crop top mesh crop top

You can also find the sequins crop tops, which, let’s be honest, adds an special bling to our outfit. It immediately takes the attention of the people in a very good way.

If you match it with some great accessories, you'll have the best look ever 😉

sequined crop topsequined crop top

Holographic crop tops, these are also very great options if you want to be the center of attention. Why? ‘Cuz they have this kind of futuristic style that must of LOVE.

But if you’re not really into any of these options, you can always go for a simpler crop top. They can also look absolutely amazing and combined with the perfect accessories, you can have a truly stunning look!

Something like a galaxy crop top, so you can become one with the universe! You can go for a crop top with the logo of your favorite Dj, artist, band… or even go for a very simple and plain crop top with one solid color and have really bold accessories to make your outfit look completely unique.

It is all about using your imagination!

galaxy crop topskeleton crop top

Now that we have covered our body, let’s talk about what we can add to all of this and make it look even more PLUR.

First of all, Coats.

Coats… I always get super excited about picking a new coat because there are SO MANY LIT OPTIONS!

I mean think about it, the whole outfit can either look stunning or boring depending on if you decide to throw on a coat or not.

If you're like me and you always wear a coat then it can really be a make or break, but other times it is better without a coat and that’s perfectly fine too.

Furry coats, besides being super cool, they can be really helpful when the night falls in. Why? ‘Cuz most of them, even if they are sleeveless, can be super warm and cozy, so if it gets colder at night, you’ll be just fine.

There’s another great plus with coats, some of them can even have lights! So, you’ll be a walking-party yourself. Isn't it just insane?

LED faux fur coatfaux fur coat

One of my personal favorites is the sequin coats. Yaaas! Shining, colorful and versatile.  Sequin coats actually give you the feeling of a multi-colorful look. So you can literally go with a plain white shit, a cool pair of jean shorts and THIS coat, and you’ll be instantly ready to go.

sequined coat

Another cool type of coat is those that are so light that you’ll hardly feel them.

These are the mesh coats. They can vary a lot and some have little pearls on them, or perhaps it has folds or something different... they are not always just a plain mesh coat!

transparent top coat transparent maxi shirt

Now let’s talk about accessories!

Accessories are a huge deal. You must pick them carefully or your whole outfit can turn from a hit to a flop.

There are so many, MANY options to choose from. Is important for you to keep in mind that the accessories you pick must not only look great but also have some practical uses.

For example, if you’re going to choose a backpack, pick one that is the right size for what you actually need, instead of one that is too big or too small.


Or if you don’t want to carry any extra weight, you can just take a hydra bag with you.

Now let's decide what else you are going to wear to complete your outfit and make your look truly unique! 👌

Maybe some Kandi bracelets, or a cool mask, a pair of sunglasses or rave goggles, leg wraps, temporary body tattoos, as well as something to wear in your hair, or a cool hat

kaleidoscope glassesLED mask

OMG, there are SO MANY OPTIONS. It’s crazy!

So that’s why I wrote a whole another post on accessories, where I go into detail and explain ALL of the options you have.

The link is right here *insertar flecha hacia la derecha y el link del otro blog*

Last but definitely not least,


Shoes can give your outfit the final "touch". Can make it totally LIT or a complete Flop. The secret is to choose something that will be comfy but also looks nice.

This is SUPER important... Remember that you'll probably be standing for hours, so you need to be nice with your feet, and pick something comfortable. 

If you are all Boho, the best option for you might be a pair of sandals or a pair of sneakers in Earth colors.

On the other hand, if you can match whatever you choose as your outfit with a pair of LED shoes or LED boots, that'll be completely insane. 

LED shoesLED boots

Take care with what you are going to wear, be comfortable and but above all else stay true to your own style. 😇

Now go and enjoy yourself, that's the most important when it comes to raves or EDM festivals. PLUR!