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Work On Your Rave Body

rave body

Photo by Michael Benz on Unsplash

Enjoying a rave or festival demands a lot of your body.

So if you want to dance hard and have the best possible time, then you'll want to be in good physical condition.

We're not just talking about physical appearance (although these steps will help you with that too) but your overall health and body condition. 


One of the best ways to recover from a rave is to stay hydrated before, during and after a rave, and as we've mentioned before, but it is also a good idea to work on your body before the rave. 

Let's talk about your body!

Ok, so let's cover the "Must Do's" before your upcoming festival. 

Water, water, water!

If you're the kind of person who doesn't like to drink water at all, you better start doing it now so you can get used to it. 


Because if you really want to last through the whole event, you need to drink A LOT of water.

It is really important to keep in mind not to drink way too much though. 

Otherwise, you'll be on the portables potty's all night long and also there can be such a thing as too much water for your body. 

So pack some electrolytes drinks as well (or just have some salty food) to make sure you're getting everything you're body needs to stay hydrated. 



Work on your body!

Either you want to wear a sexy outfit, to copy your idol's, or just to be healthy enough to make it through the festival alive!

So, we're giving you some ideas to do from home, so you can't use the "I don't have a gym membership" excuse ;)

Walk & Run

Walking and running are great exercises to improve your general fitness and health.

If you're not used to doing any kind of workout until now, I recommend you to start slow. Start walking every day for at least 45 minutes. After the first week, start doing 5 minutes walking, 3 jogging, and so on. 

On the other hand, if you are used to working out, you can either jog or run 15 minutes straight, walk a minute and keep on doing it for an hour, you'll just find. 

This exercise will raise your heart rate and increase your fitness level, so you won't get tired on rave day.

In case you need it, here is a great playlist for you to listen to while running.





This one especially applies if you-re looking to wear crop tops or tank tops, or you just want to show off your abs.

Make sure to choose those you like or fits you the most, if you do them intensively, they will also help you stay strong throughout the day. 





Legs, because if you want to train you body, you can't forget to work your legs!

You can search for your favorite exercises and do between 4 and 5 sets of 15-20 repeats. The lunges are a great option.




You are what you eat!

One very important thing to remember is that you need to eat healthy if you want your body to be ready for the next event.

Enhance your diet with extra vitaminsm keep your energy levels up with B Vitamins and protect the immune system with Vitamin C. 

Eat your veggies! 




Do you want a quick recovery after your festival? 

Eat healthily, drink water, sleep enough and workout! Read more about how can you have a quick recovery here.